Zosia: My Top 5 Vocal Electronic Records

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 17, 2020

Zosia: My Top 5 Vocal Electronic Records

Get Physical Music presents the seventh edition of its much-loved ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’ album, and aside from teaser singles from Zosia and Cook Strummer, all tracks are new and exclusive and really make a lasting emotional impression.

Get Physical launched the ‘Words Don’t Come Easy’ series back in 2014 to give voice to the vocal led musical gems that were finding their way to the label. There have been 6 previous chapters now, each building on the last, with an expanding collection of heartfelt electronic songs.

It’s the ‘Honey’ single from Zosia and Ana Shanti which layers in rippling puddles of hang drum and finger clicks to sink you further into a blissful reverie, a brilliant contribution for what is ultimately a serious emotive and classy compilation of musical late night grooves.

An artist with a penchant for melodies and vocals, Zosia shares her five current favorite vocal electronic records:

Deadly Valentine – Charlotte Gainsbourg

I just love this song. Charlotte’s vocals are so dreamy, and the lyrics are wedding vows. Brilliant!

To Forget – Iain Howie

The layers of this song are beautiful. Iain’s vocals are so wistful and his production is meticulously delicate.

Unrequited Love Affair – TÂCHES

This song pulls at my heartstrings. The gentle melody feels lush and nostalgic.

Started Out – Georgia

This beat is mesmerising. I love the bass and the repetition of chorus vocals.

Marigold – Frank & Tony (Ft. Bob Moses)

Bob Moses and Frank & Tony are pioneers in mixing melodic/deep vocals with electronic beats. This song is so sexy it makes me want to dance.

Words Don’t Come Easy Tracklist:

01 Cook Strummer – Rising
02 Yola – Khulu
03 Madota, Sarïta – Elegy
04 Érica & Pinaud – Paralellas
05 ZOSIA, Ana Shanti – Honey
06 Felix Raphael – Secondary Thoughts
07 S.E.T. – Fly (Electronica Version)
08 Deleted Soul – Little Havana


Words Don’t Come Easy is out on Get Physical and available on Beatport