Your Track Has Been Added to a Spotify Playlist…Now What?

Author : 6AM
August 03, 2017

Your Track Has Been Added to a Spotify Playlist…Now What?

Spotify has become one of the best places to go to for a new artist to showcase their music. For many new artists, nothing can be more fulfilling than having at least one of their tracks be featured on a popular Spotify playlist. After all, millions around the world explore Spotify and its diverse playlists and having an your track included in a playlist is enough to boost your profile, gaining more fans and exposure in the process.

Because of this, many artists tend to focus on having their music available on the popular music streaming platform, and with good reason. For these artists, seeing their music on a playlist is a milestone in itself, a milestone that pushes them to put in a lot of effort to showcase their music in any way they can until they achieve that goal.

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So your music is now featured on a Spotify playlist, what happens next? Some artists mistakenly think that being part of the playlist is the end-all and ultimate end goal here. The truth is, that is only just the beginning.

Here are some things you should do to capitalize on your music getting featured in a Spotify playlist:

  • First things first, an artist needs to promote the fact that their track is part of a Spotify playlist. If you’re an artist who was fortunate to have your music included in a playlist, make an effort to promote it, such as using a sponsored social media post that links to your song and the playlist it’s part of on Spotify. You should already budget for promoting your music on Spotify, but after your song is featured on a playlist, make a custom post and bump up the awareness.
  • Also take time to get in touch with the playlist curator and thank them for featuring your music in their playlist. Keep in mind that if someone out there likes your music enough to put you on a playlist, chances are he or she is going to be open to hearing from you. Take advantage on their interest and make a connection at the soonest time possible.
  • Monitor your song’s performance in the charts. Check Viral 50, Spotify US, Spotify Global charts, etc. and see how it is faring. Making it onto one of these lists is a huge opportunity in itself so strive to at least get a ranking in one of these charts. Try to discover other playlists as well that have included your song.
  • Take note of the data pertaining to your song in the playlist, such as the number of streams, cities where you’re most popular, etc. through Spotify’s insights. You can add this information in your press kit or EPK. Such data will also be of great help in selling your music to prospective bookers, record labels, A&R execs, etc.
  • While it takes time before an artist gets paid from the revenue generated from the playlist/song stream, it is important for you as an artist to have a plan to reinvest those earnings. For example, you can use the revenue on Instagram ads and sponsored Facebook posts for your next music release. This is the best investment an artist can have to help keep their music career and momentum growing.
  • Start building connections with people who have discovered your music through Spotify and build on those relationships. These people will be able to help you take your career further.
  • Finally, don’t stop just because you have one song in one playlist. Go further by pitching your song to be part of another playlist. Capitalize on the popularity of your track, especially as part of the current playlist, and keep pitching. Singles die off fast these days, so keep extending the life of your track until you release the next one.


Ultimately, the bottomline in all this is that you have to keep the momentum going as an artist. That in itself is a challenge, but as long as you have the drive to keep producing music as something you are truly passionate about you have a good chance of achieving success.

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