You Saved fabric, London Club to Reopen!

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 21, 2016

You Saved fabric, London Club to Reopen!

fabric dj booth

It’s confirmed, fabric London will reopen!

The Islington club announced the fantastic news with a note on their Facebook page, thanking their supporters for making it happen.

We revealed last week that the venue was in talks with officials to find a solution that would make the reopening possible. That compromise has been reached, as detailed in a 155-page document which lists actions to be taken by the club to regain its license back. Some interested points worth noting include:

  • Event goers under 19 years old will not be allowed inside the venue during “main events.
  • More CCTV monitoring will be put in place.
  • The club will need to begin using ID scanners.
  • Anyone caught asking for drugs will receive a lifetime ban from the venue.


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