Yoshitoshi Recordings Celebrates Record Store Day 2018 with “Barn Finds”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 20, 2018

Yoshitoshi Recordings Celebrates Record Store Day 2018 with “Barn Finds”

To celebrate Record Store Day 2018, the Yoshitoshi crew went to a secret storage facility that label owner Sharam has kept under wraps. What they found in “the barn” did not disappoint: boxupon box of classics from the catalogue, as well as acetates, white labels, and promos, lay strewn about. How and when they arrived at this mysterious location is a long story for another time – what matters now is that they’ve been rescued, and are being put up for sale on Yoshitoshi’s brand new web store.

“I’m really excited to unearth some of these classics from storage, which, due to recent inclement weather conditions, required immediate rescue. Even I was surprised by some of the finds, there was some amazing stuff in there that took to me down memory lane! The promos we particularly interesting – nowadays, a 500-run vinyl pressing is notable. But back in the day, we used to press up 2-300 just to give out to promo to DJs. It’s cool to see this material again after quite some time.” – Sharam


Some of the record sleeves may not be 100% mint, but they’re all playable and ready for action. The label is offering a few ways to score on these new finds this weekend, including a free mystery promo record if you spend fifty dollars or more, and a buy one/get one half off deal on everything – including sale items – from now until Monday.

Head to their site for a complete inventory. #BarnFinds