Yingyang Music Festival to be Held at Great Wall of China

Author : Lee Trotter
June 14, 2015

Yingyang Music Festival to be Held at Great Wall of China

Yingyang Wall CrowdFollowing a ground breaking start in 2014, Yingyang Music Festival is back at the Great Wall of China for their second installment. The three day festival will take place at the Great Wall of China in the Tianjin region this weekend from June 20-22, and is undoubtedly one of the most obscure and beautiful places to have an event for underground electronic music.

Yingyang Music festival is organized by The Mansion Cultural Centre Shanghai, a pioneering group in China with a dedicated vision of advancing electronic music in China. Yingyang Music Festival has stated on their official website that they have “received unprecedented permission from local authorities” to host the event, and will be allowed to keep the music going from noon on Sunday to 3:00 PM Monday afternoon, a 27 hour marathon to end the festival. (The music on day 1 will be ending at 3:00 AM according to festival organizers). Additionally, tickets have been limited to 2,000 attendees in order to ensure the protection of the historic Chinese landmark.

With over 50 artists from the local Chinese scene as well as international headliners, Yingyang Festival is a global attraction with the possibility of making a major positive impact on the electronic scene in China. For more information, make sure to stay up to date with Yingyang Music Festival and The Mansion Cultural Centre of Shanghai.

Yingyang Music Festival: Official Website | Facebook

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