Wulfpack Vol.4 Includes 11-Track Compilation

Wulfpack Vol.4
Author : Daisy Magana
October 02, 2020

Wulfpack Vol.4 Includes 11-Track Compilation

Wulfpack Vol.4 is set to drop on October 7, and it features 11 deep and melodic house and techno tracks from local and international Wulfpack artists. Wülfpack is a collaboration of DJs and producers focused on creating an experience through sight and sound.

The first track on the release is from Australian producer Tonelab, who recently released with sister label Shadow Wulf, and has quickly become a Wulfpack favorite. His new track “Friendly Tentacles” reaches out to the listener with its magnetic melodic feelers and ushers through an intricately deep and mystic techno journey.

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The stand out house groover on the release is from alpha and Wulfpack mastering coordinator Drew Blyther bringing his classic light-hearted funky style with a saucy throwback surprise.

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Sunday Sanctuary founder and Krafted underground artist Contessa (UV)’s latest track not only captures her stylistic essence but casts a spell with its undulating bassline and ethereal vocals.

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Catalog// WULF045
1. Friendly Tentacles – Tonelab
2. When We Collide – Drew Holly
3. Effervescent – Contessa (UV)
4. Exist The Resistance – Chris Mindel, FITTA
5. Watch Out – Drew Blyther
6. Mood Operator – Dark Design
7. Petrichords – Jeremy Barbata
8. Part of You – Disco Aliens
9. Be Together – Mullie Graf, Nic Aby
10. Barrier Thesis – Brandon Scarbrough, Vaer
11. Lost – Panda Pr1me

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