Worlds First “Plant-Based Bioplastic Record” Released by Music Declares Emergency

Plant Based Bioplastic Record
Author : Max Spruill
July 18, 2022

Worlds First “Plant-Based Bioplastic Record” Released by Music Declares Emergency

The “first” plant-based, bioplastic vinyl record is being released by the UK environmental activist organization Music Declares Emergency (MDE).

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The vinyl compilation features four tracks from Bicep, Porridge Radio, Angel Olsen and Black Country, New Road – all of whom are Ninja Tune and Secretly-affiliated artists.

This vinyl compilation has been pressed into the world’s “first” bioplastic vinyl alternative, developed by Evolution Music.

MDE’s Crowdfunder description claims that Evolution Music created this material to help their mission to “decarbonise the production of physical product in the music business.”

Both labels (Ninja Tune and Secretly) have donated two tracks each. The compilation will feature Bicep‘s ‘Isles’ and Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time’. Music Declares Emergency has long been supported by both labels.

As part of their NO MUSIC ON A DEAD PLANET campaign, MDE will giveaway out 20 copies through a raffle drawer on Crowdfunder. Entries cost £5.

All donations made to the Crowdfunder campaign will help Music Declares Emergency’s efforts in the UK to persuade professionals in the music industry to look for environmentally friendly ways to conduct the market.

Peter Quicke of Ninja Tune said: “It is very exciting to be trialing sustainable bioplastic vinyl pressings, and with such brilliant tunes!

“We all love vinyl but the current manufacture process involves a significant amount of pollution, so we’ve been looking for alternatives. Massive props to Evolution Music for coming up with a solution.”

Band Porridge Radio, who feature on this compilation, said on Instagram: “We’re always talking about how to be more sustainable as a touring band and it sometimes feels impossible but things like this give me hope.”

MDE, which was launched in the UK in July 2019 and has since expanded to three continents, is backed by more than 6,000 businesses, musicians, and other industry professionals.

The organisation has not publically revealed how the plant-based bioplastic record has been made yet.

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In October, Mixmag published a deep-dive investigation into the rise and fall of vinyl. It ultimately finds and argues that the vinyl industry in its current state is unsustainable and that there is a scarcity of natural resources. Read it here.

To find out more about the plant-based bioplastic record compilation, visit MDE’s Crowdfunder here.

Originally reported on MixMag.