Wild Dark: “5 Productions We Are Most Proud Of”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 27, 2019

Wild Dark: “5 Productions We Are Most Proud Of”

Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings welcome the Wild Dark duo for another EP that showcases the most authentic deep house sounds around.

This brotherly pair from NYC pair have two decades of experience behind them and merge house, techno and natural vocals into moving tracks that have taken them to gigs everywhere from Burning Man’s Robot Heart to Bedouin’s Saga and labels like Nazca and Anjuna Deep.

Given this new richly detailed EP full of timeless house that really moved us, we asked Wild Dark to analyze their full release catalogue and pick 5 tracks they are particularly proud of.

Tremble Road – Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings

Tremble Road, one of our latest releases, built with middle eastern stings and a progressive bassline, is a new favorite of ours on the dance floor that makes our hearts thump. The hypnotic loops we created were due to a variety of world instrument samples. It was the first time we used Ryan’s vocals hidden in one of our tracks, which was the moment Ryan’s inner Mariah Carey was discovered.

Born by the River ft. Alex Who? – trueColors

What started as an unexpected find in the insanely talented vocal recordings of Alex Who?, turned into one of our more soulful, yet progressive tracks. Alex came to our studio to record on one of the hottest days of the spring before our AC was installed-sweat literally went into this creation. After we wrote 11 versions of this track that we tried and tested over a year and half, we landed on the final version that included drums and other sounds from our ordinary home utensils. We’re really proud of this one, and also in love with the amazing remix our homies Superlounge delivered on the Ep.

Sacred – Nazca Records

The ritual vocals of this track consistently cut through, grabbing the attention of the crowd and the spiritual vibes we were able to capture create a hypnotic tension of the low end. It feels like a perfect fusion of brains and beauty. We knowingly took a gamble writing this track at a slower 109 BPM and it turned out to be one of our favorite tracks in our catalog.

Morning in Love – Supernature

The vocal loop, “Stay With Me”, beckons the crowd to follow us on an intense journey into another dimension. The evolution of the epic drop in “Morning in Love” is quite the gut punch. We’ve played this track in a variety of environments, from small intimate rooms, all the way to the sea of people surrounding Robot Heart’s Bus at Burning Man and never once has it disappointed. It remains a staple in our arsenal. There are moments we take mental snapshots of the night, the feel of the room, the power of the crowd…and this track plays in the background.

I Am – Akbal Music

While playing on one of our Bespoke boat parties around the New York harbor, an enthusiastic fan was aboard. “I Am,” were the words spoken to us by this dancer in the crowd, feeling like he was the only one on the dance floor, passionately and lustfully declaring for all to hear, “You are the DJ and I Am the Dancer!” We we’re in the studio later that night recreating that moment and “I Am,” our beautiful baby, was born. Our buddy, Morocco’s super talented Amine K, came through with a beautiful remix to round off the release.


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