Why Your Support of the Underground Matters

WORK - Underground techno party
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 09, 2023

Why Your Support of the Underground Matters


Your support of the underground scene in your local city or region is not just important, it’s vital.

The term “underground scene” generally refers to a subculture or community of artists, musicians, and fans who create and appreciate music that is outside the mainstream or commercial music industry. This includes genres like techno, house, punk, metal, and hip hop, among others.

The underground scene is characterized by a DIY (Do It Yourself) ethos, where artists and fans often work together to create a supportive network that is independent of mainstream music industry structures. This can include organizing their own shows, creating their own record labels, and distributing their music through alternative channels like independent record stores or online platforms.

The underground scene is often associated with a sense of rebellion or counterculture, as it allows artists and fans to express themselves freely and challenge dominant cultural norms. It also fosters a sense of community and inclusivity, where people from all backgrounds can come together and share their love of music.

Overall, the underground scene is an important part of the music ecosystem, as it provides a platform for artists to experiment and innovate outside of the constraints of mainstream trends, and for fans to discover new and exciting music that may not be heard otherwise.

WORK - Underground techno party

WORK – Underground techno party

There are some important reasons why your support of your local underground scene matters:

Diverse and innovative music

The underground music scene is where artists can experiment with new sounds and ideas without the pressure of conforming to mainstream trends. This leads to the creation of diverse and innovative music that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a particular genre.

Nurturing emerging talent

The underground scene is often where emerging artists get their start. By supporting the underground, we can help nurture the next generation of talent and give them a platform to showcase their work.

Fostering community and inclusivity

The underground scene is typically more inclusive and diverse than the mainstream music industry. By supporting the underground, we can help foster a sense of community and belonging among music fans from all walks of life.

Supporting small businesses and independent labels

The underground music scene is often made up of small businesses and independent labels that rely on support from fans to survive. By buying music and merchandise from these entities, we can help ensure that they can continue to operate and support artists.

The mainstream music industry is often driven by commercial interests, with major labels and corporations controlling much of the industry. The underground scene provides a counterbalance to this commercialism, allowing artists and fans to focus on the music itself, rather than on profit.

Challenging the status quo

Supporting the underground music scene can also be a way of challenging the status quo and promoting alternative voices and perspectives. This is especially important in a world where mainstream media and culture can often be homogenized and controlled by a few powerful entities.


All of this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t support bigger brands, or that you should only support 6AM and our events!

You should support what makes you happy, always, but knowing that supporting the underground has positive ramifications surely does provide an incentive for those who care about the music scene in their city and in nurturing a healthy community around it.