Who You Surround Yourself With Matters, Especially In The Electronic Music Industry

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 08, 2020

Who You Surround Yourself With Matters, Especially In The Electronic Music Industry

Let’s talk about the people we surround ourselves with, and not just in the electronic music industry but in life in general. Let’s talk about he friends and family members we let into the inner parts of our lives, the people we choose to spend time with, to work alongside.

Jim Rohn once stated, and it has been repeated many times since, that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Whether you feel you’re above being influenced by others or not, the truth is that we see this play out all the time. We borrow the mannerisms and cadences of our friends, we give in to peer pressure, and we get swayed by the friends we choose to follow and interact with on social media.

“Associate with those who will make a better man of you.” – Seneca

Who you spend time with matters, even and especially on social media these days. The accounts you choose to follow on IG and Twitter have an influence on your mood, your decisions, your outlook in life. The people you choose to have as friends ultimately, in some way or another, have an influence on how your life plays out. This isn’t something new, Seneca was warning us of this 2,000+ years ago.

If you follow people on Twitter who are always involved in drama, negativity and have a bad outlook on life, your own mood and outlook will be affected by theirs. This applies even more intimately with the people you actually hang out with, those with whom you meet and do things in life… your “real life” friends (as opposed to online ones).

Who you spend time with matters. Who you share music with matters. Who you go to raves and parties with matters. Choose wisely.

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