Who Sampled Who? House & Techno Tracks That Used Mainstream Samples and Vice Versa

techno tracks using samples
Author : Daisy Magana
November 12, 2020

Who Sampled Who? House & Techno Tracks That Used Mainstream Samples and Vice Versa

Not many people “get” techno, and to many, it sounds the same repetitive beat over and over. While its original appeal factor was rooted in the underground, over the years parts of it have filtered into the mainstream with genres like hip-hop and pop borrowing from its elements. All you techno snobs are probably shaking your fist (or head) at the use of the word “mainstream,” but hold up. Before you get bent out of shape, get an earful load of fun facts about a genre we so love. Here are techno tracks using iconic samples from non-electronic genres or becoming the sample itself, showing how music knows no borders. Music is inspired by its own history and continues to inspire other sounds and styles. Once you get a taste of techno you can see how much flavor it really has.

Fun Facts: Some Techno Tracks Using Samples & Others Become the Sample

Low effort meme : aves


Speedy J “Something for Your Mind” Samples C’hantal “The Realm”

You know you’ve heard these lyrics in house and techno productions. Check out the original audio and Speedy J’s version below.

Adam Beyer “Your Mind” Samples Can “Vitman C”

Drumcode label boss took inspiration from the 1972 progressive rock track from the German experimental band Can. Check out its lyrics.


Aphex Twins “Heliosphan” Samples Incredible Bongo Band “Apache”

Check out the guest appearance from the 1970s group Incredible Bongo Band in Aphex Twins’ track. The 55-second mark of it to be exact.

Claptone “Wrong” Samples Dr.Dre featuring Snoop Dogg “Still D.R.E.”

Opus III “It’s A Fine Day” Samples Jane “It’s a Fine Day”

Fun fact. In December 1982 Cherry Red released a 17 track sampler album selling for 99 pennies. It entered the Independent Chart at no. 1 and was in the chart for nearly a year selling 120,000 copies. The dup DJ Orbital also sample it in their 1993 track “Halcyon and On and On.”

Paul Kalkbrenner “Feed Your Head” Samples Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit”

Don’t go chasing white rabbits.


Four Tet “Only Human” Samples Nelly Furtado “Afraid”

Canadian-Portuguese singer Nelly Furtado delivered a widely successful commercial pop album in 2006. More than 10 years since its release, Four Tet’s  “Only Human” quickly picked up steam in charts and DJ sets.

Becoming the Inspiration, Techno Gives Beats

There’s plenty of techno music using samples but then there’s also the other side to the coin. Techno music has also seeped into mainstream music. Check out some unexpected tracks sampling techno beats.

Hip-Hop Artist Nicki Minaj Samples Maya Jane Coles’ “What They Say”

Yes, Nicki Minaj really did that. However, British music producer Maya Jane Coles also draws inspiration from two other tracks: Triple X’s “Feel the Same” (1996) and R&B artist Toni Braxton‘s “You’re Makin’ Me High” (1996).


I’ve come across so many people now that have told me they got into listening to House music because they loved “Truffle Butter,” realized that it was originally sampled from something else and that opened the door to a whole new world of music for them.

Maya Jane Coles on getting sampled from a mainstream hip-hop artist
Pop artist Hilary Duff Samples Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus”

Well, how you like them apples? A true testament to music knowing no boundaries.


Rapper Missy Elliott featuring Ciara “Lose Control” Samples Cybotron “Clear

Detroit group Cybotron made its way to the ears of one of hip-hop’s most respected artist Missy Elliott. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and awarded Missy Elliott and the singer Ciara with a Grammy in 2005 for best rap song.


Reggaeton artist Pitbull Samples “Push the Feeling On” Nightcrawlers (MK Mix)

Detroit legends Kevin Saunderson and MK added their touches to the 1992 disco acid jazz track widely heard today. Mr. International picked it up for his 2009 hit “Hotel Room Service.”

The lyrics are easy: It’s Friday, then Saturday, then Sunday!


Sir Mix-A-Lot Samples Channel One “Technicolor”

Detroit techno pioneer Juan Atkins aka Channel One 1989 track “Technicolor” serves as the backdrop beat to “Baby Got Back.”

Kanye West and John Legend Sample Aphex Twin “Avril 14th”

Hip-hop and R&B superstars drew inspiration from techno producer Aphex Twin’s “Avril 14th” off of his experimental double album Drukqs.

BONUS: Da Hool “Meet Her at the Loverparade”

A true rave track that everyone recognizes but doesn’t know the name of. This is a trance classic and has been resurfacing in the likes of Nina Kraviz and Charlotte de Wittes’ sets.