Who Is Barclay Crenshaw?

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 21, 2016

Who Is Barclay Crenshaw?


A look at Dirtybird boss Claude vonStroke’s passport tells one simple truth: the Los Angeles based producer, DJ, promoter and label owner was born Barclay Macbride Crenshaw. It wasn’t until recently, however, that he debuted a new project under his real name, Barclay Crenshaw.

But who is Barclay Crenshaw as an artist really? How is he different than Claude vonStroke and what can fans attending one of his sets expect really?

The Barclay Crenshaw pseudo-alias seeks to explore the hip-hop side of the Cleveland-born artist, a style he fell in love with prior to discovering and branching out to electronic music. Despite focusing on a different kind of sound than most of his fans know him for under the CVS moniker, the Barclay Crenshaw project comes armed with a distinct sound that debuted when he released his first solo original, a dreamy downtempo track with hip hop inflections, entitled “Sleepy Kids.”

Now Barclay has released his first fully-fledged mix under the new moniker, 40 minutes of originals and edits featuring members of the Dirtybird crew and himself.

“In the wee hours of an October morning deep in a Southern California mountain valley, a bespectacled sonic explorer took to the stage in front of several thousand people. Flitting among hip-hop, broken beats, acid-trip bass and jungle influences, Barclay Crenshaw introduced fans to the musical palette that has come to inspire his forthcoming self-titled album.

Today Crenshaw shares his debut mixtape, inspired by themes of otherworldly exploration and retro-futurism. It includes previews of forthcoming album cuts , special VIP versions, world premieres and unreleased remixes – including a feature with the recently-reunited Cool Kids, a debut VIP remix of What So Not and more.”

Enjoy it in full below:

Barclay Crenshaw – “Fatal Error” [STX&BRX]
Everydayz & Phazz – “Almeria” (20syl Remix) [NOWADAYS]
A Tribe Called Quest – “Whateva Will Be” [EPIC]
Special Ed – “I Got It Made” [PROFILE]
Barclay Crenshaw feat. The Cool Kids – “U Are In My System” [STX&BRX]
Barclay Crenshaw – Unoffical “Stuntin’ is a Habit” Bootleg [WHITE LABEL]
What So Not – Buried feat Rome Fortune (Barclay Crenshaw VIP Remix) – [WHITE LABEL]
Royalston feat. August Storm – “Jungle Gone Down” [MED SCHOOL]
French Fries – “Vogue (Unreleased DJ Madd 165 Edit)” [DIRTYBIRD]
Schlachthofbronx – “Don” (Barclay Crenshaw Edit)” [STX&BRX]
DJ Shadow – “Swerve” [Mass Apeeal}]
Salva – “Drop That Bitch” [PEACEMAKER]
Barclay Crenshaw – “The Real X Files (Instrumental)” [STX&BRX]
MF Doom – “Hoe Cakes” [RHYMESAYERS]
J.J. Fad – “Supersonic” [RUTHLESS]
Bleep Bloop – “Denial” [BLEE P BLOOP]
Losco – “Wolf” [TRAPDOOR]
Point Point – “You Will Never Know” [RECORD RECORD]
The Flatbush Zombies – “Trade Off” [GLORIOUS DEAD]
Barclay Crenshaw – “Artifacts (Instrumental)” [STX&BRX]
Doshy – “Phases” [SLIT JOCKEY]
Barclay Crenshaw – “The Gene Sequence” [STX& BRX]
Deebs – “Realize” [TRAPDOOR]

Barclay Crenshaw album

Barclay is set to tour the United States to promote his upcoming debut album. Album tour tickets on sale at stxbrx.co/Tour001

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