What’s in Your Toolbox: Teenage Mutants

day mvs xl
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 04, 2022

What’s in Your Toolbox: Teenage Mutants

Artists will never come unprepared to a party. They always bring a toolbox packed with tracks that are truly dance floor destroyers. “What’s in Your Toolbox” features artists’ secret weapons, aka, the tracks they don’t leave out of their USB. In this installment, thriving techno star duo Teenage Mutants gives us their 6 choice picks of bass-heavy and synthesized tracks that are fit for any rave-head that are looking for that primordial feeling in playlist form.

The duo have also been busy creating their latest track for the upcoming V/A compiled EP Milk & Sugar Beach Sessions 2022, which features 33 tracks from an array of multi-talented DJs, including Teenage Mutants’ 10th track “Barbès” — a track that features elements of nu-disco, hints of drummy bongos, and melodic vocals that feel as though you have stepped onto an island with carefree ecstacy. The overall track and EP is defintley befitting for any beach festival or roadtrip.

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You can also expect Teenage Mutants to play great tracks like these at their performance at DAY.MVS XL San Diego. Organized by the producers of San Diego’s CRSSD Festival, DAY.MVS XL is a two stage event similarly focused on house, techno, and eclectic live acts. FNGRS CRSSD has become widely known for curating lineups with the world’s leading international electronic talent, welcoming dance music veterans alongside emerging, forward-thinking talent.

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day mvs xl

Listen: ​​Oliver Schories “Devon” (Oliver Huntemann Remix) – Ritter Butzke

Actually for the last months we mostly start all sets with this track. It is such an outstanding melodic part chopped by a heavy techno bassline that you will get the crowd without any doubt. And it’s simply an amazing tune. Great productions by our buddy Oliver Huntemann.

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Listen: Teenage Mutants “Shadows” – Filth on Acid

Well, most of the tracks in our sets are filled with our tracks, at least 90%. “Shadows” has that special thing you looking for in a track for your set. The track is non-stop, pushing, and lets you fly into one of the best breaks we ever made. In the break, a 80’s inspired melody pops up and gives you goosebumps.

Listen: Paul Thomas “Lorax” (Heerhorst Remix) – UV Noir

Heerhorst made a real hit with this remix. The drums are so big and the ARP is so hypnotic and catchy. If you won’t start to dance you might have a problem with your feet or brain. It’s crazy how Heerhorst transformed the original, which is a wonderful Trance anthem into this indie dance piece.

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Listen: NoNameLeft “Prophetic” – Ballroom Black

The boys from Hungary have a lot of output, but this track got us from the first moment. Not too hard or too fast, but super groovy and also packed with nice synths and a great bass stab. It’s super fun to play this tune in our sets.

Listen: Teenage Mutants “Back For Rave” – 1605

Our latest release at the moment. Our good friend Umek invited us to do this EP on his magic imprint 1605. Our sound is not 100% what his label is usually digging for, but he trusted in us. The track lives for its main drop. We have a super rave synth melody here that gets you out of your shows. It works so nice on the dancefloor.

Listen: Umek “Dark Market” – 1605

Uros is the master of techno. Word. He knows how a club banger needs to sound and needs to work. “Dark Market” proves that one more time. The baseline is so sick and big — simply crazy. The whole arrangement is super tight and clever, truly an inspiration.

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