What’s in Your Toolbox: Luigi Madonna

luigi madonna
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 16, 2022

What’s in Your Toolbox: Luigi Madonna

Artists will never come unprepared to a party. They always bring a toolbox packed with tracks that are truly dance floor destroyers. “What’s in Your Toolbox” features artists’ secret weapons, aka, the tracks they don’t leave out of their USB. In this installment, Italian stalwart Luigi Madonna shares his 6 choice picks that are profound with energy, and can set the mood in any club. One of his favorite song picks also includes his upcoming three-track EP, Contempo Vol. III that will release on his imprint Contempo. Listeners can expect his three-track EP to be full of dominating percussions, razor-sharp hi-hats, varied synths, strong vocals, and authentic underground elements.

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From launching his debut record label earlier this summer, Luigi Madonna intends to showcase his mesmeric works, Contempo, as an illustrative series. This series will personally serve as a catalog of his home Napoli, and its impactive techno sound, and golden club culture.

Pre-order ‘Contempo Vol. III’ EP 

Expect that with this series and from other releases in general that his music intends tp showcase his newfound direction and alternate sound palate. Contempo Vol. III will be available for full purchase on Friday, Sept. 16th, 2022.

Listen: STRACID “DMT” (Lucinee Remix) – NewKids Records

This rolling bass combined with the lead line smashes my brain! It’s definitely a track to rock the club!

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Listen: Analect “Warp Speed” – Moments In Time

This track is total energy — I see it, especially on big stage festivals.

Listen: Luigi Madonna “CNTMP 3.01” – Contempo

One of my favorite tracks from myself — I would love to play it everywhere if possible! Since I moved my sound direction, this track expresses most of what I have in my mind now. Also, it’s amazing energy!

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Listen: Bjarki, Kuldaboli “Karmageddon” (Deepfake Mix) – bbbbbb Records

An outstanding arrangement — very simple and different from the usual. Plus, the chords make this track unique. Love it!

Listen: DJ HMC “Maurader” – Reflector

A very special classic that almost has no competitor on the market. The simplicity of this tune makes it awesome.

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Listen: Kamikaze Space Programme, Ireen Amnes “Melatonin” – Under My Feet

It’s always nice to have some different weapons in my bag, something that is in the right club and mood that can make a set special. Love the progression of this track, and it’s very futuristic — it reminds me of something like a future, dystopic world.

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