What’s In Your Toolbox: Lucati’s 6 House and Techno Gems

Author : Kevin Ching
November 29, 2021

What’s In Your Toolbox: Lucati’s 6 House and Techno Gems

Artists will never come unprepared to a party. They always bring a toolbox packed with tracks that are truly dance floor destroyers. What’s in Your Toolbox features artists’ secret weapons, aka, the tracks they don’t leave out of their USB. Lucati has gained the respect from the underground and the legends that sit at the top of the game. Artists such as Claude Von Stroke, Shiba San, Tchami, Malaa, and Mark Knight have all played or released this producers’ music. Mixing groovy, casual, and sexy, Lucati’s unique sound emerges amongst the new wave of House producers. Lucati will be taking part in this year’s Holy Ship! Wrecked where you’ll be sure to hear a few of these must play tracks.

Chris Lake, NPC “A Drug From God”

The hit heard around the world. I remember seeing the video of Chris playing it in Arizona, and on my lord. Beast of a drop, vocals from a great artist. Built for success and it will achieve great heights

Alan Fitzpatrick, Rebuke “Ultimate Distortion”

Massive anthem that takes over the situation. You could be across the entire fest and hear this one, forcing you to sprint to it. A dynamic record with so much creativity being showcased.

Wax Motif, Shahay, Scrufizzer “Come Again”

My man Wax killed this one, love how it intros and opens up to Scrufizzer vocals. Big boy drop takes you home.

Ardalan “I Can’t Wait”

“I Can’t Wait” solidified what we already knew about Ardalan a long time ago, he is a one of a kind music producer of a generation. Emotional, classic, beautiful, are a few adjectives that come to mind when discussing this record.

Charlotte de Witte “Doppler”

Had the pleasure of catching Charlotte at EDC Las Vegas and I heard this bomb live… for me it’s the simplicity done so well that does it for me. Absolute roller that helps you get involved.

ZHU “Cocaine Model”

My guilty pleasure record for sure, me and the girlfriends will pop this one on and drive down Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down. Vocals are magic, beat transports you. Big ups ZHU for creating the vibe.