What’s in Your Toolbox: Juliet Fox

juliet fox
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 17, 2022

What’s in Your Toolbox: Juliet Fox

Artists will never come unprepared to a party. They always bring a toolbox packed with tracks that are truly dance floor destroyers. “What’s in Your Toolbox” features artists’ secret weapons, aka, the tracks they don’t leave out of their USB. In this installment, thriving techno star Juliet Fox gives us her 6 choice picks ahead of her appearance at  Yacht Week in Croatia where she joins her fellow Drumcode artists for a huge label takeover.

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Over the past two years, Juliet has spent her time exploring her musical tastes and learning new production techniques in her studio based out of Berlin. Her love of hardware and synthesizers has grown and they have featured heavily in her most recent productions, which were released on her imprint label, TREGAMBE. Now based between London and Berlin, Juliet can be regularly found at many venues and festivals across Europe, bringing unparalleled and highly energetic energy to the dancefloor.

Weska “Alter Ego” (Original Mix) – Eleventh Wave

This is just finding its way into a lot of my current sets. Always really enjoy hearing a new Weska record for the first time. The track keeps on building upon itself and just about fits anywhere, love the speed and the groove to match.

Dax J “Speedball” (Original Mix) – Monnom Black

Hailing from 2019, this track from Dax J is an absolute rollercoaster of energy. Aptly named speedball, it features a fierce acid baseline and punchy BPM and keeps on rolling throughout. This is an absolute belter of a track.

Lokier “Back To Life” (Original Mix) – Lenske

Dropping on Lenske, this track came about last year and since then it has always stayed with me when on tour. The powerful kick drum and hats ensure that it takes you on an almost cosmic journey into proper techno.

Orbital “Belfast (ANNA Techno Remix)”

This was always going to be epic, Orbital’s classic track getting a 2021 techno reboot courtesy of ANNA. I remember seeing her drop this at Awakenings in the Gashouder last year and it was such a moment. Opening track or a closing track, it works and is just so special allowing for emotion to pour through whilst keeping the dance floor moving.

Juliet Fox – Our Fantasy (Original Mix) – Drumcode

Well, I had to include one of my own! This was my last outing on Drumcode back in 2020. This track is really special to me having written and completed it whilst staying in Ibiza. The lyrics are of course mine and I love to slide them into my sets when possible. Most recently I gave it a little 2022 rework and it features at the end of my Drumcode Radio episode 618.

Adam Beyer & DJ Rush “Restore My Soul (HI-LO Remix)” – Drumcode

Loved the original and then got treated to the Hi-Lo remix which was an added bonus for sure. Rush‘s vocals are so unique and now coupled with Oliver’s acid roller, the track is an absolute winner in my sets. It can be like giving the dance floor an adrenaline shock!

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