What’s In Your Tool Box: Nora En Pure’s 6 House & Techno Gems

Author : Kevin Ching
January 28, 2022

What’s In Your Tool Box: Nora En Pure’s 6 House & Techno Gems

Artists will never come unprepared to a party. They always bring a toolbox packed with tracks that are truly dance floor destroyers. What’s in Your Toolbox features artists’ secret weapons, aka, the tracks they don’t leave out of their USB. Nora En Pure’s name has become synonymous with organic instruments, emotive piano leads, and enchanting melodies. Globally renowned and adored for her cinematic soundscapes and ethereal performances, the South African-born, Swiss-based Queen of deep house, has spent the last few years working relentlessly to reach the pinnacle of the dance music scene. Nora En Pure gives shares her top 6 electronic music gems as she is set to release her first original track of the year “Reminiscing.”

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Oliver Schories “Devon” (Oliver Huntemann Remix)

This track has such a great groove, it’s impossible to not get moving with the beat. It’s one of the harder tracks I would play in my sets, and has many different elements that keep you engaged and surprised in comparison to other more techno-leaning tracks.

Paradoks “Sense Of Wonder”

Paradoks often describes his own music as melodic and powerful, and this track is exactly that. It has emotion and so much power at the same time and takes you on a real ride. You are always engaged with this one.

Pre-Save “Reminiscing”
Nora En Pure “Reminiscing”

This track is out this week, but I’ve been playing it for quite some time. It’s still one of my favourites. I just love working with cinematic breakdowns and the super-deep basslines while the strings make you fly.

Enamour & Rinzen “Miracle Of The Sun”

Another stand-out track with a fantastic vibe. The synths take you on a mystical journey while the drums take you through lighter moods and create full tension in the right moments.

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Claptone “Queen Of Ice” (Nora En Pure Club Remix)

I first had a pretty chilled version in mind for this remix before I worked on this one that has a clubby approach to the track. Now I love the balance between the fragile but fierce vocals and the powerful beats. The crowd also always loves it, so this will definitely remain in my sets for some time.

Serra 9 ft. Phoebe Tsen “Rain (Fausto Fanizza, Thomas Schwartz Remix)”

This is such an immersive track! I love the deep rumbling basslines in this version of the track and Phoebe Tsen is a fantastic vocalist bringing an eery atmosphere in this one.

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