We Still Have Work To Do

There Is Still Work To Do
Author : 6AM
November 11, 2020

We Still Have Work To Do

What a year it’s been so far with COVID, the much-needed fight and protests for equality, and the election anxiety that came to a boiling point last week.

The whole nation has been on edge all year long. I know most of you (like us) are feeling worn down and tired from all that was thrown at us this year, and on top of it all, we all have our own personal problems to deal with. It can feel like a lot when we put everything into perspective.

However, feeling exhausted shouldn’t be the reason we stop doing the work we were set out to do. Take the time to breathe, to reset, focus and think things through, sure, but we cannot stop. The fight is far from over. There is still work to do.

Think about the veterans who went to war for our country in World War II over 70 years ago; did they stop fighting for their country because they were worn down and exhausted in the battlegrounds?

Think about all the medical workers this year dealing with COVID patients; did they abandon the people in need of care because they were tired from a long shift?

In the 2020 election, both Republicans and Democrats fought hard for their party throughout the entire campaign and even though only one side prevails in the presidential race, both will return back to their respective offices with plenty of work still to be done. Exhausted and tired, the work must go on, it’s what they have committed their lives to, no matter how different the opinions may be.

And for you and I, even though we are not fighting an actual war, saving COVID patients (although some of you may be, and we commend you for it!), or running for office, we have our own work to do. Work that must continue even if we are exhausted.

Good thing for us, fall is here and the holidays are near! Let’s all race to the finish line and savor the feast that’s ahead.

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