We Perfectly Understand Each Other Until We Start to Talk with Arno

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 24, 2019

We Perfectly Understand Each Other Until We Start to Talk with Arno

Longtime German talent Arno Völker serves up a fantastic debut solo album on Dana Ruh’s Brouqade under his actual name, Arno.

We Perfectly Understand Each Other Until We Start to Talk is also the label’s first album and across 12 tracks serves up a complete and absorbing house vision.

Back in 2010, the Frankfurt tastemaker best known as Einzelkind released a collaborative album with Christian Burkhardt, but this marks his first solo long player. A resident of the legendary Robert Johnson and founder of the legendary Pressure Traxx, La Peña, JAX, and Harlo. With an extended discography spanning across many years he has pushed some of his finest work on Pressure Traxx, Playhouse and Aku and now moves forward under his real name for a fascinating new album, for close companions, Broquade.

This is classy dancing music that is laced with emotion and is designed for cosy and intimate clubs and cultured crowds.

Hi Arno, thanks for catching up with us today. Would just like to say congratulations on your forthcoming debut LP, We Perfectly Understand Each Other Until We Start To Talk, on Dana Ruh’s Brouqade outlet. First of all, you have recently moved from your Einzelkind alias to release under your own name, Arno. Any particular reason why?

Some things are not meant to be forever. And I don´t really need an artist name. There is no difference between the „private“ person and the artist. It’s what I do all day every day.

Is an interesting title you have of the LP, where does this come from? We fully agree with what it is saying.

Sometimes you speak a lot without saying anything. Sometimes one look is enough to know what u think. It can be so hard to find the right words and sometimes a hug is the only thing u needs to say. Sometimes you make everything worse with what you said. Even if we don´t speak the same language we can agree on music or disagree. Music connects people from all over the world from any background. It’s a universal language. We perfectly understand each other…

When did that moment come where you said: “I am ready to release an LP”?

Never, Dana told me I’m ready.

Coming together with 12 tracks you are happy to release as one LP must be a tough feat in itself and time-consuming. When was the earliest track produced, and the last?

I do spend a lot of time in the studio and I need it to be a happy person. What I don’t like is opening letters. That is tough. 12 letters are a much tougher feature than 12 tracks. The oldest track is about 5 years old. It was supposed to come on another label years ago and it was always a special track for me. All the other tracks I made last year.

Earlier in the year you released on Brouqade alongside Dana with The Dial Up EP and now the LP. You clearly have a good connection there, which is nice to see. How did the Brouqade love story begin for you?

Dana and I have beside our passion for music, a passion for Darts. So we met at a Dart Tournament at Bierbaum in Neukölln and found out that we also shared a passion for house music. We met in the studio for the first time and wrote the three tracks of our The Dial Up EP.The rest is history.

You recently moved to the Yoyaku booking agency, alongside a fantastic roster. What made you make this move?

I found people that are as driven as I am when it comes to this music, culture and lifestyle and I am surrounded by like-minded artists. I am happy we found each other.

Anything else Arno related you would like to enlighten us with today?

I like turtles.

Thanks for your time.


A1) Drum XTC
A2) Inserts PL88
B1) Guernica
B2) Sacre Bleu
C1) Head Straight
C2) Start Making Sense
D1) Dipset
D2) Set Me Free
E1) Empire State Open
E2) Half A Vibration
F1) Cleopatra Jones
F2) Glaser

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