Watch 1 Hour of Sasha and John Digweed Going Back-To-Back at The Social Last Night

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
September 10, 2016

Watch 1 Hour of Sasha and John Digweed Going Back-To-Back at The Social Last Night

Last night marked the highly-anticipated reunion of Sasha and John Digweed behind the decks together.

The two legendary producers and DJs have remained at the forefront of the ever-changing spectrum of electronic music for the last three decades, all thanks to strong personal integrity, unwavering focus on music quality and undying passion for dance music. For one reason or another however, over the years they decided to move on from the iconic back-to-back sets that characterized their careers in the 90s and early 2000s, deciding instead to concentrate on their solo work when DJing live.

Fans of the two have been clamoring for a reunion for years, as evidenced by the unexpected attention received by our April Fools’ article announcing a fictitious b2b tour that was in fact not scheduled to happen. Interestingly enough, a couple of days following our April 1st joke article, the two artists announced that they would be playing together again at Nic Fanciulli’s The Social festival in Maidstone, England.

When the moment arrived, last night, the two were met by an electric crowd filled with hardcore fans, some of whom had traveled from outside of the country and as far away as the United States to witness the epic reunion. Luckily for those who did not make it, both The Social and John Digweed took several live video recordings spanning over 1 hour of the set, immortalizing the fabled reunion for all of us that weren’t fortunate enough to be present.

Something has to be said about The Social and Nic Fanciulli’s work in making this happen. The British producer, DJ and label owner has been a pivotal force in today’s electronic music scene, further exhibiting his never-ending passion for his craft when he established The Social in his home town of Maidstone in Kent. Inaugurated in 2014, The Social has been bringing avant-guard festival production, cutting-edge sound and top-tier music lineups to this corner of England, making it one of the most sought-after ticket of the year.

Enjoy the videos below!


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