Watch Daft Punk Deliver Lackluster Grammys Performance

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 13, 2017

Watch Daft Punk Deliver Lackluster Grammys Performance


The Daft Punk hype continued this past weekend as the masked French duo took to the Grammys stage alongside The Weeknd, or at least that was until the three actually performed.

The trio played “I Feel It Coming” off of The Weeknd’s Starboy album, leaving little to the imagination with what turned out to be a truly uninspired performance from all involved. Naturally, Daft Punk played while donning their familiar helmets as well as black capes, as The Weeknd sang in front of their iceberg-shaped control station for most of the duration of the song.

As expected, the performance wasn’t followed by any confirmation of a 2017 Daft Punk tour. Considering the lackluster performance last night it’s no surprise that Twitter and other social media networks remained pretty quiet on the tour rumor mill that usually surrounds anything related to Daft Punk.

Watch the full performance below:


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