Vladw Combines Magical, Textured Sounds in his 3rd EP

Author : Daisy Magana
October 09, 2020

Vladw Combines Magical, Textured Sounds in his 3rd EP

Vladw combines magical and textured sounds in Timoshenko, his third EP. The three-track body of music features a remix of “Timoshenko” from the artist Kuf. Timoshenko reflects a more personal affiliation to Vladw’s roots and the corresponding tracks are effervescent with detail and maturity in execution.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Vladw (born Vladimir Vinco) is one of the main artists of the Argentinian techno scene. Recognized for his productions and his live act, he’s performed in some of the most well-known clubs in the country. Vladw’s latest EP showcases a meticulous drum programming throughout each track. The claps and hi-hats are arranged perfectly to deliver optimum rhythm. The cosmic bleeps and pulsating crisp drums of “Timoshenko” transport the mind into a vortex of deep hypnosis.

Listen: Vladw Magical and Textured Sounds in “Yezhov”

The assortment of sequenced bleeps, phased hypnotic sounds, and ambient pitch-bending notes in “Beria” are calibrated with precision. The retro hi-hat/kick-drum machine funk intro of the re-working of “Timoshenko” by Kuf is a distinctive and contrasting mesh on Vladw’s interstellar original. Distorted off-beat rifts are swiftly added to the equation to create a tribal old-school minimalistic track.

The pinnacle of the EP rests with the magical “Yezhov” that combines velocity and spirituality. Deep ritualistic and textured sounds are complemented by flowing and perfectly sequenced drums. Timoshenko is a project underpinned by historic impulses but brought to life by a vivid imagination and a clinic in drum programming and arrangement.

Vladw’s work has been supported by various renowned producers from the techno scene like Luke Slater, Marcel Fengler, Jeroen Search, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Samuli Kempi, Phase Fatale and DVS1. His music has homes on multiple European platforms and labels including Genesa Records and Dynamic Reflection and Planet Rhythm.

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