Vinyl Revivalists, Discos Nutabe, Releases “Dijon Triathalon – Pandemia 12″ EP”

Author : Karen Komine
September 24, 2015

Vinyl Revivalists, Discos Nutabe, Releases “Dijon Triathalon – Pandemia 12″ EP”


In the midst of the EDM culture take-over, leaving traditional vinyl mixing in the shadows, a unique Columbian record label keeps the art of vinyl grooves alive. “Today in Discos Nutabe, direct from the city of Medellin, to the east in the valley where the Nutabe fought and died, we fight for music and the format we love.” Discos Nutabe fosters the history and art of mixing on vinyl mediums by creating a coalition of artists that hold a deep appreciation for the classic feel of having to switch disc sides, readjusting the needle, and manipulating the RPM meticulously. This is a truly unique label to emerge during a musical era that is dominated by digital music production. They’re just lovers of house and dedicated to the medium.

As for the EP, it is a skillfully mixed three track album that beautifully showcases the seamless mixing of Camilo Naranjo and José Santamaría. This EP, unlike their first release, DCM – Origenes 12″ EP, which was groovier and had lush house undertones, Dijon Triathalon is much more minimalistic. It features soft synth loops and are complimented by steady, traditional house beats. Vinyl is such a delicate and difficult medium to work with, so their exhibition of steadily mixing in and out the synths was incredibly impressive. Track B1 perfectly demonstrates their mixing abilities with synths slowly creeping in and suddenly taking over the entire track. My personal recommendation is Track B2, it’s less minimalism and a dash more groove/funk – I may have found myself awkwardly bobbing about. 

Dijon Triathalon – Pandermia 12″ EP is out now on Discos Nutabe. Stay up to date with Discos Nutabe below.

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