Veerus: 5 Tips on Keeping Motivated and Creative in the Studio

Veerus Drumcode
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 04, 2021

Veerus: 5 Tips on Keeping Motivated and Creative in the Studio

Italian producer Veerus is rapidly establishing himself as a vital member of Adam Beyer’s Drumcode collective; his latest EP Recovery marks his fifth release on the imprint in two years.

A thoughtful creator, Veerus shares some of the invaluable tips that have helped him keep motivated and creative in the studio, churning out the kind of tracks that have caught the ears of Adam Beyer and his Drumcode imprint.

1. Why

You have to understand exactly why are you doing this? When you dig deeper into this question, you will be able to find the real motivation that pushes you to act, and consequently, you will be highly motivated to enter the studio and come out with a clear vision for what you want to achieve. If you are highly inspired in your work, as a result, you will also become a source of inspiration … and I think that’s what you want :)

2. Eat, Sleep, Sport, Repeat

Eat healthy, sleep at least 7/8 hours a day, and keep negative thoughts away from your head. Play sports before going to the studio! Sport increases the production of endorphins, creating a feeling of euphoria, well-being and creativity. When you enter the studio, especially if you only have a few hours a week available, you have to be at your best.

3. The Room

Work in a comfortable chair which is in a clean room that gives you creativity and emotions. Turn off your phone, think a lot about yourself and what you are going to do. Put your ideas and inspirations into practice (even if they seem absurd to you, even if you collect one error after another). Make mistakes and keep making mistakes. You need to have courage, foresight, resourcefulness and desire to create … and have fun!

4. Music

Only listen to music that you really like. Get inspiration from melodies and/or sounds that are completely different from each other by genre or year of release. When you’re working on a track, think of everything you’ve never heard before, and do it! Don’t linger on the sound that is working now, but on what you want to work in the future … Create your own “trademark.”

When you think you have the right idea, focus only on that loop and keep going with it gradually till you can’t perfect it any more. Do not leave anything to chance. As you progress with the song, imagine it being played at a festival and the reaction people will have. It will help you to be more motivated and creative.

5. Less Is More

Don’t focus on using so many plug-ins. Learn to use a few and make the most of them.
Find the ones that inspire you the most and be creative with them. Using a lot of them will cause you to lose focus, creativity and motivation.

The same thing must happen with the stems tracks. Using a few stems which are well cared for and mixed together will have an awesome effect.

Focus on the mixing of the track. If it’s bad, your track will be bad too, and consequently won’t be considered. If the track sounds good, you are much more likely to appeal to people

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Veerus Recovery is out 8 February on Drumcode and available HERE

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