Vanity Crime Remixes Röyksopp’s “Here She Comes Again”

Royksopp's Here She Comes Again Remix
Author : Daisy Magana
January 26, 2021

Vanity Crime Remixes Röyksopp’s “Here She Comes Again”

Vanity Crime has remixed Röyksopp’s “Here She Comes Again” adding a new vibe to the addictive track. The Italian-based artist (Francesco Ferraro) is well-known as a futuristic innovator. His tastes involve various musical journeys from minimal tech to house and afro deep to raw hypnotic techno.

Röyksopp’s “Here She Comes Again” has been always popular, but an electro-pop masterpiece took an extra spin in the fall of the past year driven by the full exposure of Netflixʼs motion pictures “365 Days” and “The Hater.” The remix idea started with balancing the core of the original textures, sounds and dubbing the heartbreaking vocal elements that inspired Vanity Crime with a new flow to create a “raw and almost hopeless tension.”

Listen: 6AM Premiere – Röyksopp feat. Jamie Irrepressible “Here She Comes Again” (Vanity Crime Dub)

The remix leans heavily on the dose of acid melodies and in combination with the dry kick, filthy hi-hats and minimal percussion, it creates a killer floor romantic moment.

Vanity Crime on Röyksopp’s “Here She Comes Again” remix


Vanity Crime starts with sparse percussion and a distant drone of eerily filtered synthesizers. Built on a bass line that ebbs and flows beneath ever-shifting pads, this production style perfectly matches the song’s lyrical themes of loss and impermanence. The remix ends much like it starts, juxtaposing Jamie Irrepressible’s warped laments with foreboding acid beats.


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