Upon You Records Continues 13 Year Celebration With Second Compilation and 6 New Original Tracks

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 14, 2020

Upon You Records Continues 13 Year Celebration With Second Compilation and 6 New Original Tracks

The 10 year mark is a major milestone for any record label, so it’s safe to say that every single year beyond that is an accomplishment in itself. This year Upon You Records celebrates their 13th Anniversary, a number they consider lucky and of extreme importance in a journey that keeps gifting us with quality music with each release.

In 2007 Berlin was a bustling city of excitement, especially in the electronic music world. It is from all of this energy that Upon You Records was born, founded by DJ and producer Marco Resmann and electronic music veteran Hawks Grunert. At first the label was intended as a platform for the label-heads and their close inner circle of friends, as well as to showcase aspiring young talent whose music resonated with the ears of the label’s founders. As things developed, and they developed quickly, so did the label’s objectives and goals. Only just over a year after its founding, Upon You Records began signing their first international artists, organizing label tours throughout Germany and Europe, and releasing their first label compilation.

Fast-forward thirteen years and the Berlin-based label is celebrating their birthday with not one but two separate compilations. Featuring unreleased cuts from the past, updated tracks and pure dancefloor bangers from long-time label collaborators, friends and up-and-coming fresh talent, the compilations are titled “Upon You The 13th” Part 1 and Part 2

The first of these two compilations came out on April 10th, complete with five tracks from Innellea, Ruede Hagelstein & Andrei Matorin, Rao, Adam Ten & Mosko, and Eins Tiefer.

The second installment of this 13 Year Anniversary series saw the light this past week on May 8th, a six-track release with music from Marco Resmann, Echonomist, Kristian Heikkila, Martin Landsky, Kotelett & Zadak, Ken Hayakawa, T Raum, Gunnar Stiller, Distale

Coming in with a special opening tune for this release are the labels creative mastermind Marco Resmann and Echonomist who are bringing forth a soulful, surely BigBeat-infused broken beat meets house monster with “Walk Away“ which introduces the worlds dancefloors to a combination of widescreen harmonies, scintillating synths and epic, most captivating vocals which are surely about to have a major impact on electronic music dancefloors all over the globe.

Going into “Piano Mode“ is Kristian Heikkila‘s plan for his contribution to this compilation, levelling up energy levels of crowds of ecstatic punters with hard-hitting TechHouse drums, huge contemporary rave pianos and a brooding, overwhelming low end signature like it we were back at the first peak of dance music culture.

Berlin-based production staple Martin Landsky enters “Room Number 3“ with a jacking groove. Stripped down, minimalistic, timeless and highly seductive with a hint of Chicago-flavored acid this is Martin Landsky at his very best. With their tune “Otaki“ we see the duo of Kotelett & Zadak weighing in a highly functional, rather technoid take on the tech house genre based on multilayered, spatial and ever hypnotic synth tone developments and sharp hi-hats providing the foundation for tight, busy midrange action from a spacefaring future.

“Acid Monks“ by T Raum and Ken Hayakawa presents a stripped-down, yet spatial variation of the genre referred to in its title, bringing forth an ever spiralling, melodic and Trance-inducing modulation accompanied by mystical, mythical atmospheres and excited, trippy movements for late night and early morning dancefloors.

Finally Distale & Gunnar Stiller are promoting “Isolation“, providing a most aptly titled commentary to these trouble times with a banging, bass-heavy fusion of tech house and techno perfectly suitable for underground warehouse raves of a dystopian future.

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Download/Stream Upon You The 13th, Part 2 V/A via Upon You Records

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