Unklevon Releases ‘Sharping Shadow,’ Electro Focused EP on Boysnoize Records

Unklevon Boysnoize Records
Author : Kevin Ching
September 08, 2021

Unklevon Releases ‘Sharping Shadow,’ Electro Focused EP on Boysnoize Records

Young French producer Unklevon has been building a solid following with his left-of-centre electro sound on Boysnoize Records and BNR Trax over the last couple of years. His latest release, Sharping Shadow, is a visceral EP of innovative electronic sounds from Unklevon and Boysnoize Records. 6AM caught up with him to discuss his latest EP, his favorite new artists, and his plans for the year ahead. Also, make sure to follow his exclusive Spotify 6AM playlist of new and old school electro tracks.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Unklevon. How has it been for you over the last few months with the industry opening back up?

Thank you for the invitation! So, for me the last few months have been a real relief, as it has been for many people, to see the cultural venues reopen and have the events back. I was busy preparing this last release on BNR and working on the new live show for the return of the events.

Your last DJ gig was in March of 2020 with your next one being this September, has your sound changed over this period of no live gigs?

This period allowed me to work more in-depth on what I wanted to transmit musically and I am very happy about it today. During this period I released a track for the new Astropolis festival label ‘Dôme’, a track on Nastia’s label ‘Nechto’ and a collaboration with Salome on Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code’s label ‘International Chrome’.

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How has growing up in Angers inspired your musical taste?

I don’t think Angers was a determining factor for the development of my music, I grew up in a town next to Angers where there weren’t many events related to electronic music so I spent days and nights digging in my corner to make my own musical culture and develop it.

Your most recent EP release is a dark, distorted, gripping, robotic and bouncy concoction – did you favor any particular studio equipment for this project?

Hahah you used the right words, so I didn’t focus on any particular machines, but I think, I really focused on making it sound as much like the ‘Unklevon’ sound that the audience should know from me.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as an artist?

I continue to work every day, with passion, on my music, on the live side, and on the next releases. And I’m lucky to be surrounded by friends and artists that I really appreciate who push me to continue, it’s super motivating, I’m not going to give anything up, always go further, while enjoying each new step.

Listen: Unklevon  “Sharping Shadow” – Boysnoize Records

Are there any upcoming DJs you would consider going B2B with next year?

So, I don’t know if it’s going to be B2B, but there’s going to be collaborations in the future with some of them for sure, i can name some new artists that I like and love the work with: Dagga, CT Kidobo, Destroy, Ur Trax, Salome, YTP, Tauceti, Faact, Jawbreakers, and there’s still others but there’s a whole new generation that has a lot of talent and they’re really changing things with their music.

This year you have your first vinyl EP coming out on Boysnoize Records, Sharping Shadow. Can you tell us a little about the writing and thought process behind this record, and will you be looking to further releases with Boysnoize Records in the future?

As I said above, I really wanted to show with this ep my whole universe. It was important for me, even more than it is my first physical record. I’m really happy with what I have done through these five tracks. I’m proud to have worked with Louis (Brodinski) for the closing track of the EP. It was symbolic for me.

Yes there will be more releases on Boys Noize Records in the future. My EPs will be exclusively on BNR, it’s the perfect home for me. I will release other tracks or collabs on other labels but for the EPs it will be only here. I take my time with each release, I want to make sure I like it 100%.

Anything else we can look forward to from Unklevon in the year ahead?

It’s possible that there is something else, yes, maybe collaborations… :). and there are some nice gigs coming up and you can find the new live on them, and you can hear future releases inside.

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