University Professor Claims Listening to Techno Can Make You Smarter

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 21, 2019

University Professor Claims Listening to Techno Can Make You Smarter

If you have an arduous physics exam coming up? Are you looking to pass the bar in the next coming months? You may be in luck if you’re a fan of underground electronic music.

According to Professor Peter Dale of Manchester Metropolitan University, adding techno to your studying routine can increase your chances of getting improved academic results. In fact, Dale believes that techno should be incorporated in the classroom teaching approach as a means of revolutionizing education.

Perhaps listening to the latest recorded set from Awakenings, Time Warp or Movement Detroit festivals in the classroom will one day be an accepted method of improving student results. We already know of plenty of accredited universities teaching DJ and production classes, but according to Dale it’s about using the right music for the students in his classes, which he believes is likely to be techno (or other electronic music) in today’s world.

For a lot of these kids, they’ve grown up with this music – their aunties, brothers and friends are into it, too. And their parents were probably ravers in the heyday of “acid house”

What do you think? Can techno really improve student results?

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