Uner and Alex Kennon To Donate All Profits From “Wonderland” EP To Bridges for Music

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 18, 2018

Uner and Alex Kennon To Donate All Profits From “Wonderland” EP To Bridges for Music

Spanish producer/DJ and Solar Distance label boss Uner has teamed up with Bridges For Music founder Valentino Barrioseta for the artist’s forthcoming Wonderland EP, out on July 20th and available for pre-order on Beatport.

This special EP is a collaborative project between both parties where all profits for the record will be donated to Bridges For Music, a charitable organization dedicated to opening music academies for young people living in deprived parts of the world, where access to studios and music equipment is not always readily available.

This unique release has been produced as part of Future Rising – a music platform created by W Hotels and Mixcloud to celebrate the creative leaders of tomorrow – and was made in response to this year’s Future Rising theme of “Wonderland”. In an interactive experience, UNER’s Solar Distance record label recently took over the Sound Suite at W Barcelona to produce a brand new track live in front of the Future Rising audience, discussing the production of the track, the creative process behind it, while addressing the theme of Wonderland.

With a deep and poignant vibe, the original mix of “Wonderland” has an eloquent sound with delicate textures built around a piano loop. Its thought-provoking mood is fitting for the release’s charitable concept, whilst the groove remains tailored to the dance floor. For the second track Fernando Lagreca reworks “Wonderland” into a slightly tougher version, with a more prominent kick drum and added synths. Swapping the original’s piano for some epic pad sounds and an acid line, this melodic techno version has an interstellar sound design with a truly cosmic vibe. Finishing the release is Lower’s remix of “Wonderland” which focuses on a more atmospheric style, with the original’s delicate textures refined and sequenced into a slow building structure. Stripped back and carefully constructed, it’s a perfect alternative for those who prefer a more understated style of house.

We spoke to Uner with regards to this initiative and to learn more about the collaboration with Bridges for Music for this special release.

Congratulations on the release of your Wonderland EP. Where does the name come from?

Thank you! The name comes from a collaborative project that came together in Barcelona earlier this year. The release was produced as part of Future Rising initiative – a music platform created by W Hotels and Mixcloud to celebrate the creative leaders of tomorrow – and was made in response to this year’s Future Rising theme of “Wonderland”. The name evokes what we all really hope for; an idyllic world full of music that we would all like to have. It has been an amazing project in collaboration with all these professionals and a great experience for all involved.

Love the collaboration with Bridges for Music, a great initiative. How did that come about?

It’s been a while since I first collaborated with Bridges for Music. Back In 2014 we made a bicycle route with them and Resident Advisor from London to Amsterdam. It was a fundraising cycle to build a school in Langa, South Africa. Bridges for Music has always had a very strong connection with electronic music and in addition Valentino (Bridges’ manager) is a very good friend of mine. I couldn’t think of a better charity to donate the proceeds of this release to and I’m very happy to be a part of this brilliant project.

Why Bridges for Music? What does the charity and its work mean to you?

After talking with the Mixcloud team, I told them about the idea of making a release in which we would all put our efforts but that no one would receive an economic contribution. We are all collaborating for the love we have for music and to help others in need. As I mentioned before, Bridges has always been very involved in electronic music and perfectly fits the whole concept of Wonderland and Future Rising.

You collaborated with Alex Kennon for this EP. How did that work out in the studio?

Nowadays it is difficult to get in a studio to work certain hours together but thank God the internet is faster than ever! : D
The collaboration began with a contribution of ideas by both parties, he worked on some percussion and I was writing some harmonies. Once we had the main ideas, we got together in Barcelona to finish the final idea and from there came out what you can hear now. It has been a pleasure working with him. I love working with people who really love music and have a good heart and Alex is one of those people.

Is there a reason you guys chose to link this particular EP with Bridges for Music?

There are 2 things I love in life: music and to help others. So, what’s better than to be able to help other through music?

Pre-Order “Wonderland” EP via Beatport – all proceeds will go to Bridges for Music