UMEK vs Harry Romero – “I Just Can’t Believe” EP

I Just Can't Believe EP
Author : Max Spruill
March 02, 2023

UMEK vs Harry Romero – “I Just Can’t Believe” EP

UMEK is back on his record label 1605 and this time he has teamed up with American house music legend, Harry Romero.

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Techno fans need little introduction to UMEK who remains one of the genre’s most respected producers despite starting his career 30 years ago. This latest release sees him modernize Harry Romero’s classic track “I Want Out (I Can’t Believe)” that was released in 2001.

I Want Out (I Can’t Believe) has a timeless vocal that UMEK has reworked into a stomping techno track. There is also a solo production by UMEK to complete this two track EP.

UMEK and Harry Romero’s “I Just Can’t Believe” opens the release with the distorted tones of the sinister vocal. The stabbing synth melodies and bone-rattling percussion unleash an onslaught of peak time energy that is perfect for any dance floor.

“Moving Synthetics” is another aggressive track that has a pulsating bassline as its foundation and it leads to a breakbeat breakdown section with speaker-shaking sub-bass that continues when the four-to-the-floor kick hits back in.

You can buy a copy HERE.

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UMEK vs Harry Romero – I Just Can’t Believe EP

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