Live act duo Two Guys Plus Machines announces their first NFT in Atlanticus Music

Two Guys Plus Machines
Author : Max Spruill
March 11, 2022

Live act duo Two Guys Plus Machines announces their first NFT in Atlanticus Music

Two Guys Plus Machines performs spontaneous, improvised, and unrepeatable live act sets. The brothers’ sound is defined by a combination of 90s vibes and Latin percussion, and they achieve this sound by using a small setup of machines and controllers that allows them to create songs from scratch while performing live. All of the duo’s productions and performances take listeners on a sonic arch across genres like breakbeat, acid, house, and techno.

The live techno act is made up of brothers Esteban and Santiago Sáez. The project was born as a result of the interest that these two brothers have acquired in technology, machines, and how they can enhance creativity and imagination in human beings. The duo is releasing their latest track “Two Brothers & a Dog called Pipa” as an NFT on March 11th and talk to 6AM about their style, workflow, creative process, and touch a bit on the world of NFT’s.

How would you describe your style of music/sound?

We would say that our style aims to go beyond electronic music subgenres. We like to combine 90´old school vibes with Latin percussion and mix them with modern techniques. At the studio, we have developed a taste for good old sampling, just like 90’s hip hop style but also focus on sound design, especially on bass lines and drums.

Is there a workflow you follow when it comes to your productions? What’s your creative process like?

Yes! We like to divide our creative process into stages. At first, we record and test the elements of the song and combine them all. Second, we make the arrangement part, and in another session, we mix the track. We believe that every track is unique and has its purpose, so we rather go step by step than do a whole track in just one sitting. In this way, we can get more conscious about our emotions and how we express them through our creative process.

What’s your favorite thing about being an artist? What’s the hardest part?

For us, our favorite part of being an artist is the joy and happiness that it gives to us. Every time we jam or do a song is like meditating, it gives us so much positive energy! Also, we like the entrepreneur side on how to manage a project.

The hardest part would be the huge amount of stuff that you have to do as a modern artist. It is not just about making music, but also working in PR, marketing, business strategies, and acquiring new knowledge- plus all the things we do in a normal day in our lives.

How do you come up with track names? What inspired the name for “Two Brothers and A Dog Called Pipa?”

It is a fun process, we call it the “six-second challenge” as the names need to be attractive and get attention quickly but still express the emotions of the track. For this one, our main inspiration is our 8-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog called Pipa, she has been our loyal companion for these years and has taught us how to love unconditionally, so the name of the track summarizes this journey with her … and is also a funny name!

Two Guys Plus Machines

Courtesy Two Guys Plus Machines PR

You’re releasing the track as an NFT on March 11th, why did you choose to do this and is this your first time going into the NFT world?

Yes, it is our first time going into the NFT world and we are doing it with the help of, a web3.0 platform that allows to buy and resell exclusive and unreleased music from artists of all genres as NFT. The main reason for doing it in this way is to understand how technology can create value in music by digitizing ownership rights. It’s a little experiment to grab objective data and learn about this world which  sooner than later would be part of our daily lives (as NFT’s can represent more than art, there are use cases in many other industries like real state our consultancy services)

Check Out Two Guys Plus Machine NFT Here

It is also an opportunity to make new friends and build a community around art, music, and technology. We did a few weeks ago with other local brands (THC, Origen Magenta, Raw Quarters, and Massive)  an electronic music party plus an NFTs gallery to create a different clubbing experience.

Anything else you’d like to add?

New technologies represent new ways of engaging with our community, we believe that as electronic music artists, we must develop curiosity and seek to continuously innovate in our music and our brand. It is not just about relying on technologies, but also how we use them to create knowledge and share it with the world.

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