Trovarsi’s Vous Dansez EP Will Make You Dance

vous dansez
Author : Kevin Ching
September 03, 2021

Trovarsi’s Vous Dansez EP Will Make You Dance

Trovarsi’s latest project Vous Dansez EP is aptly named. Vous Dansez is French for “You are Dancing” and each track of the compilation is a term used in French ballet. Both compositions are live tracked performance pieces, embodying the true essence of performance art.

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Having studied piano and violin as a child and moving on to jazz and blues singing, Trovarsi eventually found her true calling in performing electronic music. Using a blend of modular and analog synthesizers, drum machines, and just plain old raw talent- Trovarsi creates a plethora of evolving sounds that takes you on a sonic journey. Her latest release EP on Delusion Records, Vous Dansez, continues this diverse musical experience that she gifts to her audience.

Listen to Trovarsi’s Vous Dansez EP

The multi-talented LA-based music producer has taken her diverse musical background and honed it into hypnotically driving dance music. Her work goes beyond genres, cultures and boundaries- but much of what she expresses into the world does one thing: Make.You.Dance. Having proven this time and time again, her prior guest mix on 6AM is no exception to her commitment to unrelenting kick-driven techno- Of which you can also experience live, along with many other talented artists, in Los Angeles on September 5 at Reform.

6AM Guest Mix: Trovarsi


In addition to pursuing her artist project, Trovarsi also cofounded the SoCalSynth Society. The endeavor creates a place where she and any other artist can learn, teach, and exchange ideas about synthesis.  From 6AM’s own interview with Trovarsi, she states:

“We created SoCal Synth Society because there wasn’t anything like it around offering what we needed, so we created it. We wanted a space where we could learn how to build synthesizers, ask people questions about them, and feel comfortable doing it. It started out with just three people meeting up and eventually, it just grew into this huge group.”

On why SoCal Synth Society was created.
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