Track of the Week: Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris- We Work It

Author : Victor Arellano
November 16, 2015

Track of the Week: Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris- We Work It


With all the festivities at this time of year, there’s always a few tracks that tend to be used over and over again. It’s not to be frowned upon, these tracks literally ignite the dance floor no matter how many times at any festival/club they’re played cause they’re just that good. From the deep forests of San Diego, to the glossy wooden dance floors of Exchange LA, I’ve heard this song just about everywhere. With such a mean groove and  cool party lyrics, it’s no wonder so many DJ’s love playing this track at the highlights of the night.

The house groove in this track definitely emulates that of a track from older times, not concentrating so much on the consistent use of bass frequencies, letting the simple kick drum do its job while the simple bass-line accentuates the groove.

Gene Farris and Sonny Fodera are not strangers to each other. They’ve released multiple collaboration and remixes with one another and also release on the same labels. It’s a spectacle to see how even two people from opposite sides of the planet can collaborate to make such homogenized musical ideas.

If you haven’t been out in a while, listen to this track and catch a glimpse of what you’ve been missing out on on the dance floor.