Track of the Week: Black Sheep- “El Baila De Sopresa”

Author : Victor Arellano
October 25, 2015

Track of the Week: Black Sheep- “El Baila De Sopresa”


Black Sheep, based out of Orange County California, will be releasing their latest EP El Baile De Sopresa this November 2nd on Imune Records. Their sound and image is unique, depicting a very dark and abstract catalog as you scroll through their releases. It’s refreshing to see this brand of music being bred in regions where you don’t see so much Techno action going on. Black Sheep’s release goes to prove that not only is Orange County stirring up something for our distinguished pallet’s, but that our music touches all corners of the world, whether it be in the sunny neighborhoods of Huntington Beach, or the dingy landscapes of Los Angeles.

Black Sheep consists of 3 producers all based out of Orange County California. I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out at their studio and see the way their music operates from the inside. Their style of producing is heavily based on the clean sounding, immaculate crafted dark techno sounds, all while incorporating a Latin-flare that stays true to the background of their culture growing up as kids.

Out of the two songs on this EP, El Baile De Sorpresa stands as an imminent party favorite. The song starts hard right from the beginning (not to confuse “hard” with pretentiously loud or over bearing). There’s a maintained rhythmic flow behind its heavy artillery bass pulse through chords and subtle bassy ornaments that layer the track. The track builds to a drop that is an all out hard, yet free flowing Latin techno extravaganza. This track eludes the instance of A Dia De Los Muertos celebration on Mars: dark, celebratory, and rythmic.



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