Tour Bag with Christian Smith

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
February 16, 2017

Tour Bag with Christian Smith


Pioneering techno DJ/producer Christian Smith began 2017 on tour and at the top of his game, starting with a Tronic Showcase at The BPM Festival. The Swedish born artist has been a leading name in the underground techno scene for over 20 years, with a steady stream of releases on labels including Plus8/Minus, Drumcode, Cocoon, Bedrock, Mobilee and his very own imprint Tronic Music. With three solo albums under his belt, his own label with over 200 releases and his weekly Tronic radio show which is now syndicated in over 100 stations worldwide, Christian is definitely a busy artist always on the go.

Christian Smith N.America Flyer


We caught up with him during the middle of a hectic worldwide album tour which brought him to the West Coast to reveal what he packs in his tour bag to help him survive on the road. Here are his must-have DJ items:



I take my recorder to all my gigs! I try to record all my shows because I much prefer giving live mixes to radio shows and podcasts than doing studio mixes at home. It’s nice to have the “live’ element and I think the listeners prefer that as well over studio mixes.




That spare USB stick on my on my private keychain has saved my ass more than once. It so easy to misplace SD cards and USB sticks when you are always on the road.




Let’s face it, we all like to have some fun. I like to drink from time to time. Sadly, this comes at the cost of giant hangovers. Pain killers are essential when I travel.




I am fortunate do have a dual citizenship. I am Swedish and Norwegian. I use both passports for different countries as some countries I travel to don’t like each other and would cause problems at immigration. Better to be safe than sorry and not take any risks.



Travel Adaptor

I would be lost without this travel adaptor. I tour in around 30 countries a year, and with this adaptor I can charge my Macbook Air anywhere. It’s an essential!




Most of the time I travel with this backpack.  I have several Rimowa trolleys as well, including the silver aluminum one that has become part of a DJ’s uniform. But I stopped using it a few years ago, as I prefer to have a simple light bag that does not attract any attention.


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