Top Ten Tracks with Toada

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 31, 2020

Top Ten Tracks with Toada

Earlier in August Portuguese artist Toada returned to his Plūma imprint with five intricate, melodic cuts entitled ‘Poema Colectivo’.

Toada is a Portuguese producer who combines emotional melodies, forward thinking, playful rhythms that define this unique project where Northern and Southern Hemisphere influences meet to superb effect. Continuing to explore concepts relevant to humanity, Toada wrote ‘Poema Colectivo’ as a cathartic artistic expression during the pandemic and the recurrent social inequalities. The calming, hopeful and sometimes agitated tracks emphasise the need for an honest collective response towards a better world. ‘Poema Colectivo’, translates to ‘Collective Poem’ – an exercise where everybody contributes with a word to make up a form of poetry.

‘Ampla’ begins proceedings with gentle melodies fluttering around the alluring soundscapes and fluctuating modulations before ‘Mexe Contingo’ lays down a broken-beat rhythm fused with spiralling synths and growling bass tones in this emotive cut.

‘A Movida’ is an intricate, syncopated house track, uplifting moods and glistening pads that swells underneath. ‘Água E Menta’ delivers low-slung drums, melancholic, sweeping oscillations and a enigmatic, string instrument until ‘Nissi’ rounds off the EP with a beatless, synth experimentation laying focus on harmonious chords and warped sonic textures.

With ‘Poema Colectivo’ now out, we asked Toada to dig through his records and share with us his current top ten tracks.

Enjoy the playlist below.

Beatrice Dillon “Workaround Two”

Love the experimentalism on this one in combination with some catchy melodies.

Nídia “Raps”

This one hits home, literally. For me, it’s Lisbon vibes all over the place.

Loraine James “Mmm”

Ultra saw nostalgia here.

Otik “Means Nothing”

What an amazing flow.

DJ Python “Chalet”

This one takes me to an idyllic sunny place.

John Beltran “Euphoric Dream Ocean”

The title describes it perfectly, love this one.

Guedra Guedra “Anlo Kinka”

Love the hopeful vibes on this one.

Andrea “Isabelle’s String”

Amazing crunchy warm drums and low end.

Skee Mask “RZZ”

From the Ilian Tape crew, like Andrea. Again something about those crunchy drums and low end, awesome.

Yves Tumor “Strawberry Privilege”

Love the dizzy vibes on this one, simple but great bassline.

Toada ‘Poema Colectivo’ is out on Plüma Records and available HERE

Connect with Toada: Twitter | SoundCloud