Top Ten Tracks with Running Pine: “The Records That Inspired My ’Shadow’ EP”

Running Pine
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 28, 2021

Top Ten Tracks with Running Pine: “The Records That Inspired My ’Shadow’ EP”

Iranian Producer and Vocalist Running Pine shares the top ten tracks which influenced his ‘Shadow’ EP on Oddity.


With his ’Shadow’ EP, Running Pine showcases his many talents and ability to combine amazing lyrics, vocals and sound design to produce something unique and unforgettable. Running Pines impressive supporters include Tale Of Us, Fur Coat, Mind Against, Cristoph, Henry Saiz, Hernan Cattaneo, Nic Fanciulli, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, and BLANCAh.

Moderat – Out of Sight

Moderat has always been one of my main influences due to their style of beats, sound design and vocal elements. ‘Out of Sight’ is a perfect example of the whole package.


Moderat – Last Time

This is a good example of how vocals and indie beats can complete each other. This was the track that gave me some clues and ideas to create drums for my track ‘Run Out’.


Apparat – Arcadia

Drum lines in this track are really huge and fat, which combine well with the soft vocals.


Adriatique – Studies In Dance Theory

This track brings a very modern and unique electronica mixed with minimal techno.


Atoms for Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

More indie vibe with plenty of complex electronica drums in the background, melodic synths and cold vocals.


RY X – Sweat (Live from the Royal Albert Hall)

This track gave me some ideas about making the drum part for ‘Shadow’. The track includes very soft vocals and minimal drum lines with strings which brings a fantastic cinematic vibe to the track.


RY X – Untold

Pure emotional vocal lines with dance/electronic beats which I always considered doing during my production period.


Woodkid – Iron

Textured and organic drum lines with beautiful vocals and a stunning brass section which brings the cinematic vibe that I really get inspired by.


Mind Against – Walking Away

Dance music which has a nostalgic and dreamy atmosphere with the vocal lines that makes the hook.


Rival Consoles – Looming

Atmospheric electronica which makes a dancing trip with the flow of the beats and ambience.

Running Pine ‘Shadow’ EP is out now on Oddity and available HERE