Top Ten Tracks with Raphael Mader: The Inspiration Behind His “Elysia” EP

Raphael Mader "Elysia" EP
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 20, 2021

Top Ten Tracks with Raphael Mader: The Inspiration Behind His “Elysia” EP

German Techno Producer and DJ Raphael Mader returns to Renaissance with the Elysia EP released on 15 January. Elysia EP is a four-track meditation on 2020 which tells the personal story and experience of Raphael Madar from the past 12 months and the collective issues we’ve all had to face. With Raphael spending more time in the studio, it allowed him to experiment, exploring other genres whilst developing individual sounds, progression and rhythm.

Raphael Mader’s previous Renaissance EPs, Grace Of Colours and Propaganda were supported by Hernan Cattaneo, Gabriel & Dresden, and BLANCAh, and there is no doubt that Elysia is yet another proof of Mader’s quality as a producer with a penchant for ethereal, progressive soundscapes.

Raphael Mader shares the top ten tracks that have been inspiring him in the studio lately, and in particular tracks that inspired the making of his Elysia EP.

Marino Canal – Her Perfect Sky

If there is one artist I’ve been admiring straight from the start of his career, it is none other than Marino Canal. His tracks deliver warmth, nostalgia and endless beauty. Especially in times of Corona, his music gave me a lot of fuel to dream. With ‘Her Perfect Sky’, I understood the song and its intention 100 percent.

Bicep – Atlas

After listening to Bicep quite a while ago (e.g. the collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco back in 2013), I rediscovered them last year. Cutting interesting drums paired with beautiful melodies, it’s no wonder why they are currently at the top. ‘Atlas’ is definitely my favourite Bicep track!

Kiasmos – Blurred

Despite its melancholic beauty, Kiasmos brings a touch of lightness and optimism into ‘Blurred’. This track has reminded me a lot of the positive things lately.

Stephan Bodin – Birth

Stephan Bodzin is definitely one of the artists I have heard most over the past 10 years. Even back then, when he was working with Oliver Huntemann, I was a big fan of his art – ‘Powers Of Ten’ then was the unreachable climax. ‘Birth’ lives from its dramaturgy and liveliness, and still give me goosebumps.

Henry Saiz – For Days And Nights (Shall Olin Club Mix)

Another track I rediscovered in the last year is ‘For Days and Nights’. A very alternative, interesting work that crosses genres. Driving but dreamy at the same time.

Stephan Hinz – Sparks

This track is without a doubt a very atypical one by Stephan Hinz. Its subtle elegance and beauty captivated me from the start. I also love its rushing warmth, the hissing highs and the cool stabby rhythms – the perfect track to think to.

Moderat – Reminder

‘Reminder’ is probably my all-time favourite track, that’s why it always influences me and my music. The tracks is super touching, dramatic and just lets you feel so much.
For me, Moderat offers the best “complete package“ when it comes to the edge of underground and commercial music: incredible beauty paired with filthy edges. I hope that we can look forward to something new from them soon again.

Simian Mobile Disco – Hypnick Jerk

‘Hypnick Jerk’ is almost a soundtrack for me. Incredible pads and soundscapes snaking into your ear that take you into this hypnotic world of humility and oppression. Scary and satisfying at the same time.

Betical – Icon

One of my favourite tracks from the last year is Betical’s ‘Icon’. Lovely harmonies, outstanding vocals and solid breakbeat drums. From the first listen, I was obsessed by the beautiful melodies – in my opinion a real “hit“.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schwindelig

A very old track but also a rediscovery. It comes with a lightness that is second to none and still makes you dream. I love the contrast of the casual drums and the sentimental strings.

Raphael Mader Elysia EP is now out on Renaissance and available HERE

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