Top Ten Tracks with Nicolas Rada

Nicolas Rada & Nick Warren
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 06, 2021

Top Ten Tracks with Nicolas Rada

Fresh from providing Nātiv Records’ first-ever release last year via Freedom Call / Electro Shock, renowned UK artist Nick Warren will be making an anticipated return to the label this March with Dead Eyes Opened / This Is Love, a three-track release which includes a collaboration with Argentinian producer Nicolas Rada, who also features as a remixer on “This Is Love.”

Since his very first steps in electronic music Nicolas’ productions have received support from the likes of Nick Warren, Hernán Cattaneo, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Sander Kleinenberg, Guy J, Patrice Baumel, Eelke Kleijn and more. Releasing on labels such as The Soundgarden, Sudbeat, Balance, Chapter24, Sincopat, DAYS Like NIGHTS, Hoomidaas and Proton. His rising career as DJ has taken him to fly around the globe to participate in many festivals and to present his shows in venues from countries like Netherlands, Hungry, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Sri Lanka.

Nicolas Rada has cemented himself as one of Argentina’s leading electronic artists, with his latest productions landing on Or Two Strangers and Balkan Connection most recently.

Today, Nicolas Rada shares his top ten tracks of the moment, enjoy the playlist!

1. Yoram – Outrun [Anathema]

I love this track, it continues generating tension and rising. The melodic arpeggiator is very nice, the groove and the drop are the best. My favorite ones.


2. Porra – Manic [The Soundgarden]

A growing producer. Excellent musician, showing his abilities on this track. The arpeggiator and melodies making a harmonious combination.


3. Ezequiel Arias – Solar [Anjunadeep]

I think it is the best work I’ve listened to from Ezequiel. Amazing groove and powerful track on the dance floor. The sound and the technique of this track makes it magnificent.


4. Michael A – Reverie [Proton Music]

Frequently I use tracks from Michael A; I like this track because it is growing and growing and finally it becomes stronger with hypnotic melodies and smooth drums.


5. Armen Miran & Felix Raphael – Ghost [Hoomidaas]

Armen is one of my favorite producers besides being a friend. In this track with Felix they found a very dark and deep groove. The vocals are so beautiful and the groove keeps you moving. Warm and dynamic. I used it to open the sets, I love it.


6. Mooncat feat. Ferank – Hear What Was Said (Marcelo Vasami Remix) [Forensic]

I used to listen to the original track when I was young. It’s a classic and Marcelo remakes this with his particular groove. Perfect for the dance floor.


7. Paul Deep (AR) – Prelude [Serendeep]

Paul always finds a super groove that never bores, the bass is amazing. It takes you into a tunnel and the drops are perfect. Hypnotic Paul’s rules.


8. Umami – Soltornet [Human By Default]

For a long time now I’ve been paying attention to Umami, who has some particular characteristic when producing. The synthesizer has a lovely color and generates a super tension in the whole track. Melodies are their strong point.


9. Mariano Mellino feat. Paula OS – Misery (Baunder & Folgar Remix) [DjMagLA]

A lot of talent in one track, they did an excellent job. The break of the track gives Paula’s vocal special attention. A favorite to close a set.


10. Lucas Degiorgi – Charger (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Particles]

A strong and solid track. I like the groove and it is on a lovely musical scale, worthy of a mind trip.

Nick Warren Dead Eyes Opened/This Is Love incl. Nicolas Rada is out on Nātiv Records and available HERE

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