Top Ten Tracks with King Of Kong Crew: Inspiration for “Interlocal”

King Of Kong - Interlocal
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 03, 2020

Top Ten Tracks with King Of Kong Crew: Inspiration for “Interlocal”

In honor of the release of Interlocal we asked the King Of Kong crew to pick ten tracks that are inspiring them musically at the moment.

In September King Of Kong offered up a fourteen track various artists compilation entitled Interlocal featuring the likes of Private Press, Das Komplex, Newborn Jr, label boss Anton Klint and many more.

King Of Kong, the up-and-coming label run by Artur8, Anton Klint and Edvin Edvinson of Tryck&Ton already caused quite a stir with its first few vinyl outings, combining talents of Newborn Jr., Das Komplex, Eric Duncan and, most recently, a collaboration between Wolfram and DJ Hell.

Interlocal is a forthcoming compilation of 14 new and exclusive pieces from friends, colleagues and affiliates from cities, big and small, all around the world. With its daringly eclectic selection, this exclusive release serves as a perfect example of King Of Kong explorations of contemporary dance music in its broadest sense, from murky “pop” songs to warehouse tools, with everything that comes in between.

Enjoy the Top Ten Tracks with King Of Kong below:

1. Simoncin – In Viaggio (Legowelt Remix)

Interesting Legowelt Remix. Perfect for mind dancing!

2. Anton Klint – Hi Man (Mike Simonetti Remix)

Lovely club tool. Hope to play it out in a sweaty basement someday ‘ -)

3. Newborn Jr. – NJ Public Pools (Warehouse Preservation Society Remix)

Mind & body tripping by LA’s W.P.S.

4. Metal Prayers – Bootes Void

Incredible trip of a record by London’s Jesse Hacket.

5. Lutto Lento – Horned Heart

Crazy mind journey of a tune. Lot’s of styles inside…
Look out for his upcoming Album in 2021.

6. Yourhighness – Sparta

One of the tightest producers from Stockholm delivers a trancy dj tool .

7. Timothy J Fairplay – Gold Cross

Dark & sweaty!

8. OK! – Confederation Helvetica

Form our latest “Interlocal” Compilation.

9. Scan 7 – The Best is Yet  to Come

Classic House Vibes

10. Charley Crocket – Fool Somebody Else

DIY Country Music

If you enjoyed Interlocal, connect with Kong Of Cong: Online | Bandcamp