Top Ten Tracks with Fur Coat

Fur Coat Top Ten Tracks
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 04, 2020

Top Ten Tracks with Fur Coat

With two standout single tracks under their belt, Fur Coat now deliver their highly anticipated 12 track album, ‘Polyphony’ on Renaissance.

‘Polyphony’ is a term specifically chosen by Fur Coat to emphasise the celebratory concept behind their new album.

“Firstly, poly means many, and we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, so it was important we reflected that milestone in some way. Beyond that, we wanted to create a project with many layers that captures the perfect spectrum, ranging from experimental sounds through to more familiar dancefloor tracks. Whether blending a cinematic feeling, infectious groove, indie vocal or slower BPM electronica, we used multiple layers and patterns to create a textured, forward thinking soundscape. ‘Polyphony’ really does say it all in a single word.” – Sergio, Fur Coat

This is not to say their dedicated compositions should be overlooked, quite the opposite, which they are rightfully proud to point out.

“This is our second album and we really wanted to deliver something that showed our musical influences and the evolution of the Fur Coat sound. We’ve come a long way in the past decade, with many more years yet to come – the future is undoubtedly polyphonic!” – Sergio, Fur Coat

In honor of the release, we asked Venezuelan duo Fur Coat to share their current Top Ten tracks.

Enjoy the playlist below!

Fur Coat & Julian Wassermann – 3.33 / Renaissance

Collaborating with Julian was really nice, as this is the first of many coming things we have for 2021.

EarthLife – Italia (Coeus Remix) / Oddity

Both EarthLife and Coeus are part of the Oddity family. Really love the combination of having them both on one EP. Coeus is one of my favorite producers, we’ve been playing a lot of his tracks, and later on December he is doing his debut on our label.

Hunter/Game – Geoform / Systematic

(Sergio) I have a really good relationship with the guys of Hunter/Game. Always liked their music, so after having them on remix duties for previous ep from us and on our label Oddity, a track together made sense. I love this one Geoform, as I connected them with my good friend Marc Romboy, to show them this EP. Such a bomb track.

Delhia De France – Dione: Reach / Eat the Fruit

Such a talented singer and songwriter. Really love collaborating with her on our album. It’s not the first or last you will hear music with her.

Upercent – Lupa Clup (TAU)

Great release from Upercent. We had him on a remix on an EP on our label Oddity. Love this track, although there are no clubs to play it atm, but managed to include it on our latest podcast.

Fur Coat & Sly Faux- Elysian / Renaissance Records

Another good friend and talented artist. This was our first collaboration and he is also part of the Oddity family. Really love the result of this emotional track we made together.

Avidus – Midnight Sun / Luna Club Records

Such a good emotional track, with very different elements. They give their own touch to the melodic house and techno genre. Also happy to have these ones on board of Oddity on coming projects.

Artche – Split Open / LNOE

Great signing on Sasha´s label Last Night On Earth, another output we also consider home. We’ve also known Artche from his past collaboration on our label with Julian Wassermann. He is very talented and has a really nice sound fitting for our sets.

Fur Coat – Shades (Johannes Brecht Remix)

Really like Johannes’s productions. From the beginning of the album, he was on my top of the list for remixers. I’m super happy we made this one happen, as he delivered a great cut for the second single of our album ‘Shades’.

Howling- Bind (Rampa Remix) / Counter Records

Brilliant remix by Rampa, with the great vocals from Ry X of the Howling. Perfect deep combo remix. Love it

Fur Coat ‘Polyphony’ is out now on Renaissance and available HERE

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