Top Ten Tracks with Borka & The Gang

Borka & The Gang
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 30, 2020

Top Ten Tracks with Borka & The Gang

Joe Metzenmacher and Borka (and his gang, obviously) return to the Heideton fold with more evocative track titles.

Get Red could mean so many things. It’s the most powerful of all colours. Football teams wearing red are more successful than those who don’t (they’re 10% more likely to score than teams in other colours). Red is frequently used by food brands because it seduces inner cravings. Red conjures up so many possibilities from Communism and the Bolsheviks to bank overdrafts and Marilyn Monroe’s ruby-red lips. There’s red with embarrassment, red with desire, red lipstick, red hearts, red cross, red alert (and DJ Red Alert), red-handed, red herring, but perhaps more pertinently here, there’s red hot, which this latest Heideton release most surely is.

In honor of the release, we asked Borka to share his 10 current Top Ten records with us.

Enjoy the playlist below!

Youandewan – Insel 2000

I love this wonderful timeless track by Youandewan. It transforms the dance floor into a magical sunny forest meadow with colorful flowers and butterflies. The track sounds very warm and creates very warm feelings. I really like this hypnotic emotional chord that touches you in the depth of your soul while dancing

Jules Dechaud – Moving (Borka & The Gang Remix)

Moving – is one of the most extraordinary remixes I did for Heideton. It’s a story of movement, about the clouds coming together and creating the first summer thunder. Leaves flying with the wind in a rainy autumn day. Life moves, like an eternal recurring cycle of joy and sadness. Track is full of melancholy that runs from beginning to end.

HNNY – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet

I really enjoy this track from HNNY. The track is full of love, warmth and positive vibes with sunshine from Brazil. I love every sound in this track. I am a big fan of old and modern brazilian bossa nova music, so this track hits me in the right place.

Mihai Pol – Summer

I love Mihai Pol’s interpretation of Summer, which came out on the amazing Ukrainian Tzinah Records. This track brings me in a warm summer evening in nature with friends, with a beautiful sunset, a small fireplace and sounds of cicadas in the background. Definitely one of my absolute favorite tracks

Zusammenklang – Don’t Move

One of my favorite tracks from the wonderful producer and friend Manuel Meyer, which I always like to play in my warm-up sets. This one is not a classic Zusammenklang track, which makes it very extraordinary and fresh for me personally. I love the way Manuel builds up the tracks and takes us on a deep, warm and emotional journey.

Audio Werner – Rau

I like this dark, minimalistic, jazzy journey from Audio Werner.There’s something exceptionally cool about this track, it’s a mixture of chaos and harmony that makes you move in a relaxed way.

Mall Grab – A Rose By Any Other Name

An absolute dancefloor banger from Mall Grab, where you can’t sit still. This is hypnotic, minimalistic funkness, which I really love to play

Joe Metzenmacher – What’s The Secret Word Tonight (Arian 911 Remix)

There is an incredible story behind this EP and this remix of Joe’s track “What’s The Secret Word Tonight”. Arian 911 did a great job making this track a Heideton anthem 2019 that would be supported on Sven Väth’s compilation “The Sound of the 20th Season”.

Desert Sound Colony – Aunt Wendy’s Wedding In Wales

Desert Sound Colony and Holding Hands Records was one of the coolest discoveries in 2018. i am a big breakbeat fan and I like to bring these influences into my house productions. DSC is an example of how modern breaks have to sound. Very cool and elegant.

Joe Metzenmacher, Borka & The Gang – Magic Talk

And finally Joe’s and my track “Magic Talk”. We were in the studio, a friend joined us and a nice vibe was created, a magic moment so to say, and from that, the track was born. It was released on the legendary Cocoon label. After that, the “Magic Talk Remix EP” was released with remixes from Tuff City Kids, Mark Flash from Underground Resistance and Joe & Borka on Heideton. The melody in the track changes throughout and never stays the same, like a nice conversation between friends or a conversation with life.

Get Red Tracklist:

01 Joe Metzenmacher, Borka & The Gang – Get Red (Original mix)
02 Joe Metzenmacher, Borka & The Gang – Get Red (S.A.M. remix)
03 Joe Metzenmacher – Art of X (bonus track)

Joe Metzenmacher, Borka & The Gang Get Red is available for pre-order on Heideton Records

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