Top Six Podcasts for Music Producers

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Author : Kevin Ching
November 09, 2021

Top Six Podcasts for Music Producers

If you’re a producer or general music enthusiast, podcasts are a great way to learn new information and get inspired. Here’s a list of six podcasts to help music producers make beats and keep the music going.

Song Exploder

Turned into its own Netflix series, Song Exploder clearly has obtained wide popularity. This podcast invites musicians to take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.

Watch: Song Exploder | Official Trailer | Netflix

SoundGirls Resonating Beyond Sound Podcast

The Resonating Beyond Sound podcasts interviews professionals from all around the music technology industry to discuss how the industry can be more supportive and help cultivate a more diverse community. They talk about what it’s like to live a day in the life of their guests, how they became successful and the challenges they face today.

Listen: Kyrsten Mate award-winning sound designer at Skywalker Sound.

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My Forever Studio

My Forever Studio has an interesting premise where artists are given the thought experiment that if they had their own perfect studio what would it be but they can only have six items. The show breaks down the essential tools these artists need and how they would create with these bare essentials. Check out episode 9 of season 3 with King Britt below. The legendary DJ, producer and music educator talks about mixing drums, bus compression and samplers.

Listen: Podcast S3 Ep9: King Britt’s vintage sampler fantasy

Girls Twiddling Knobs

To help with representation within the music production realm, Girls Twiddling Knobs podcast has a strong focus on female-identifying musicians and producers. The series invites women to explain how they use technology to make their music and how they overcome challenges in the industry.

Listen: Episode47: What is Sound Synthesis?

Pensado’s place

Famed Grammy-winning producer, David Pensado, hosts Pensado’s Place where he speaks with various music figures to talk shop about music production technicalities, gear, creative process, and anything related to music in general.

Watch: Making Hit Records with Josh Gudwin, Dave Way & Rafa Sardina

Hanging Out With Audiophiles

Hanging Out With Audiophiles‘ host Jamie Lidell interviews various talented artists and discusses their production techniques and the gear that helps them get their sound.

Listen: HOWA Episode 90: Alex Bilo, producer, songwriter, and composer