Top Careers in Underground Music Production for College Graduates

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 29, 2019

Top Careers in Underground Music Production for College Graduates

Breaking into the music industry is notoriously hard, especially if you don’t have a ton of work experience. Music is a business and studio owners; musicians and other executives want people who they know can bring in money.

However, you don’t have to be an experienced professional with connections: you can bank in on your potential and aim for the right position to achieve success at. To do so, you have to know what the best careers are there.

Some of them aren’t necessarily connected to the production of songs but can lead to many valuable connections and business relationships. In this article, we’re presenting just that – the top careers in underground music production for college graduates.

Now that you have a degree, you only have to focus on proving yourself. Aim for one of these careers and you will slowly conquer the world of music production.


Nowadays, the best way to meet musicians and establish a relationship with them is to write about their music. Producers are a large part of the underground music scene, too. Since they aren’t mainstream, these people get coverage by independent bloggers and writers for different websites.

If you’re a fresh college graduate and need to find your way in the industry, you can write and meet producers that way. Blogging is one of the best careers in music to pursue.

Audio Gaming Engineer

Audio gaming engineers are perhaps the best-paid people who’ve chosen a musical production career. It is their job to cooperate with developers and designers to create the ultimate audiovisual experience.

If you know how to make music and want to enter the underground circles, indie gaming should be your direction.

For these projects, you have to know how to write reports and presentations. If you find it difficult to write on your own, contact an online service. They know their job, whether it’s a nursing assignment help by Edubirdie or a new music album PR. It might be challenging at first, but it’s easy to get used to the rhythm of creation.

Studio Management

Every musician needs a studio to develop and record his music. If you know a lot of producers and people willing to capitalize, you can open up a studio for underground musicians. It takes a lot of planning to pull off a project like that, but it could be a very lucrative option for you.

Open a studio that hones music quality over fame and you will get the respect of many underground musicians. Provide premium services at reasonable prices and your studio just might become the next big thing in the area.

Make sure you have enough money and that you’re willing to be patient before you start earning a lot.

Internship at a Radio Station

Underground music still heavily depends on indie radio stations doing the promotion work for them. To get close to the producers you admire and to become one yourself, ask them for a job.

Every radio station would love to let you do a quick internship and help them. You might be tasked with preparing shows, selecting music and even DJing if you’re good.

That’s something that can really good luck on your resume, plus you’ll be in touch with local underground music. All you have to do is ask.

Sound Technician/Sound Engineer

There are many types of sound technicians. The two most important groups are studio technicians and live gig technicians. With the first group, you can expect them to keep the acoustics and sound levels perfect at the studio.

Those two works at live gigs are tasked with making live-performed music sound as natural as possible. Both careers can be a shortcut into the world of production for underground musicians. Meet the right people, learn what sound engineers do, be persistent and there won’t be any problems whatsoever.


Nothing happens immediately and the same goes for music production. You have to hone your other skills to get close to the world of music producers. Don’t worry if older individuals have more experience.

By advertising your potential the right way, you can quickly rise up the ranks and make a name for yourself. Think about your best qualities and pick one of the careers you want.

Adopting additional skills such as digital marketing, event promotion or content creation can bring you closer to your goal. All the great CEOs, managers and agents go to where they are due to connections and some additional skills. It’s not enough to be a musician, you have to have something else that sets you apart.