Top 10 Techno Vinyl Sets To Keep Your Day Spinning

Top Vinyl Techno
Author : Kevin Ching
August 12, 2022

Top 10 Techno Vinyl Sets To Keep Your Day Spinning

If you’re from the US and reading this on August 12th, Happy Vinyl day to you! If none of those apply, we still have a treat for those purists and vinyl aficionados out there! Many love the warm vintage sound that vinyl has famously been known for and swear by its audio superiority. So on this day, and really everyday, 6AM wanted to bring you the top vinyls sets that you can stream with your favorite techno all-stars.

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Jeff Mills Axis Mix

Start off with the legendary master of bells, Jeff Mills who brings you his signature trippy techno sounds in this all vinyl set.


Ellen Allien Boiler Room

Another legend in her own right, Ellen Allien starts the mix off with some bangers along with her own backup dancer!


Carl Cox 9 HOUR BE AT TV Set

Get ready to stretch for this one as the techno titan Carl Cox, who’s known for having insane marathon sets brings this 9 hour journey of dance music. Oh yes. Oh Yes.


ANNA Cercle Performance

Arguably the techno queen of Brazil, ANNA shows the world her mixing prowess in a rare vinyl only Cercle performance.


Sven Väth Boiler Room

Another techno legend, Sven Väth brings it back old school with an all vinyl Boiler Room treat. Quite honestly, the set also shows the bravery of the maestro considering all those dancers around him could quite honestly mess up the needle…


Amelie Lens Vinyl Set From Home

With the year that shall not be named, many artists began opening their homes for a more personalized set experience. Known for her hard acid techno, Amelie Lens shows her vinyl skills while still banging out the tunes in the home stream settings.


Sam Paganini DJ Mag Set

Italian producer Sam Paganini has been at it since the 90’s and it’s no wonder he can still show the vinyl mixing skills in this DJ Set.


Joris Voorn Awakenings

Known for various sounds, including melodic house and techno, Dutch producer Joris Voorn brings his wax to the massive festival of Awakenings.


SNTS – Lockdown Vinyl Set

The masked techno crusader, SNTS, known typically for his super hard driving techno, takes it a step back…a tiny step back… with this at home vinyl set.


Joseph Capriati Mixmag Set

Another techno heavy hitter who shows his vinyl chops is Joseph Capriati in this Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective performance.


Bonus: Carl Cox Techno Parade 1998

To not have a vinyl performance taking place in the 90’s would be wrong. Although the audio isn’t the best, this 90’s performance just shows how wild the raver days in the 90s were.

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