Timothy Clerkin Premieres Fun Bouncy Acid with “Plasticity”

TImothy Clerkin Plasticity
Author : Kevin Ching
September 28, 2021

Timothy Clerkin Premieres Fun Bouncy Acid with “Plasticity”

Insult To Injury head honcho, Timothy Clerkin, returns to the Ransom Note Records sub-label with four acid-infused slices of analogue vulgarity, aimed squarely at the newly opened dance floors.

We kick off with the eponymous “Plasticity”; beginning as a fun, bouncy, Acid number, the vortex soon opens up before us & we’re sucked into a black hole of sound, where time & space is stretched to its limits, disorienting all those who enter. However, we’re spat safely out the other side, landing on luscious bed of warm analogue synthesis, towards home.

6AM Premiere: Timothy Clerkin “Plasticity” – Insult to Injury

Lead single from the EP, “Would?” is a collaboration with ITI alumni, Buran. Created remotely during lockdown, this reinterpretation of the classic 90’s Alice In Chains anthem has aggressive 909’s thumping & distorted 303’s squelching, as the guitar riffs & vocal melodies of the original are replayed for the club. All proceeds from this single will be going to Mind UK, in tribute to Alice In Chains singer, Layne Staley, who sadly died of an overdose in 2002.

“Mercurial” is so called due to its ever changing direction: a hard one to attribute to any one genre, it was recorded live with four synths and an 808; proof that sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. “Order 66” closes us out with a shotgun blast of Hardcore / Breaks – a nod to the lofi sampling culture of the early 90’s UK scene, the classic orchestral rave stabs take us back to the golden age of the warehouse party… Whistles at the ready, ravers!

Plasticity EP Track List:

01. Plasticity

02. Would?

03. Mercurial

04. Order 6

“Plasticity” Releases on October 8, 2021

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