Tiga: “How About When You DON’T Kill It (as a DJ)”

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 30, 2017

Tiga: “How About When You DON’T Kill It (as a DJ)”

Yesterday night Canadian producer and DJ Tiga came off playing a gig in Rome, Italy, with a perspective most DJs seldom acknowledge, if ever.

“Here’s something nobody talks about; how about when you DONT kill it,” he began, before admitting that at times it is the DJ who is “what is actually wrong with the party.”

Tiga’s transparency and sincerity, both with himself, his peers and most importantly his fans, is one I welcomed with an open heart. Having worked in this industry for years, and especially through my experience a talent buyer and promoter, I know full well that a lot of factors come into play in determining the quality of a DJ set on any given night. With some artists playing up to 200 sets a year all over the globe, it is a given that some performances will just not be as good as others. Jet lag, lack of sleep, sickness, personal emotional issues, room set-up, crowd and venue problems are just a few of the issues that can cause an otherwise brilliant artist to underperform.

However Tiga took it one step further, looking in the mirror and inward, pointing the finger at himself without resorting to any other type of extenuating circumstance to justify what he evidently thought was a bad set. “Your programming is lazy, your decisions are Ill-informed, you vacillate between confidence and cluelessness. Your records sound slow. You can’t maintain a connection. The center cannot hold,” he goes on to write.

The post received some amazing responses, including some from his peers:

Shlomi Aber: Keeping it real .. Brave

Felix da Housecat: U always kill it! Even when u think u dOnt.. u Do.. there’s only 1 TIGA

Eats Everything: read this a lot today, & whilst my description of me would be diff, sentiment is the same. You put it so well. You’re an eloquent man, man.

Sacha Robotti: word <3

Catz ‘n Dogz: Best dj Instagram post “The decade”

Disclosure: (hand clap emojis)

Tiga ended his note with an apology: “So yeah, sorry Rome. I love you but I just didn’t kill it tonight.”

Read the full statement below:



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