Throwback Thursday: Adonis – No Way Back

Author : DK
December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Adonis – No Way Back


Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, DJ’s and producers were relatively limited in their options for creating music. But even with limited tools, that didn’t stop them from creating timeless pieces of music that we would look back on with nostalgia today. Adonis – No Way Back is a prime example of this.

There were no fancy plugins or virtual synths back in the late 80’s. Maybe this simplicity is why the magic happened. In No Way Back it appears as if Adonis had nothing more than a drum machine, a 303 synth, and a vocal sample. Think about that for a minute… an absolutely timeless piece of music recorded on no more than a three or four track mixer. Sure technology is great, and to each their own, but No Way Back would hold it’s own against any modern dance house track.

Obviously there were many influential tracks that facilitated in getting us to the point where we are today, and without argument No Way Back is up there with the classics from the likes of Kerri Chandler, Juan Atkins, and well this list of legends could go on forever. Enjoy this throwback from Adonis, and never forget the past as it helps guide us into the future.

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