This New App Will Make You Trip Like You’re on Acid or Shrooms

Lumenate: the app that will make you feel like you're in an acid trip
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
April 07, 2021

This New App Will Make You Trip Like You’re on Acid or Shrooms

Lumenate, a new app available for smartphones, aims to alter your consciousness to deliver an effect similar to an acid or magic mushrooms trip.

Based in Bristol (UK), Lumenate is an app start-up on a mission to make impactful subconscious exploration more accessible than ever before, doing so by making users feel like they’re experiencing an acid trip.

After getting involved in early beta testing and experiencing the huge potential impact of the app as a tool to explore one’s own mind, actress Rosamund Pike has invested in the company, and has joined the team as a Creative Director going forward.

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Lumenate began by reviewing hundreds of scientific papers covering subconscious exploration states such as deep meditation, dreaming, hypnagogia, sensory deprivation, psychedelics, shamanic trances and dance induced altered states. They then joined-the-dots and came up with their own ‘design brief’ for the perfect brain state for subconscious exploration.

They started investigating ways of achieving this state. Although they looked into various forms of meditation, breathwork, lucid dreaming tech, sensory deprivation and hypnagogia aids, one method on the outer brink of scientific research produced subjective effects way beyond the others. This method was sensory entrainment.

Vice: “A new app claims it can get you feeling like an acid trip, using just your smartphone. We tested it out.”

Simply put, sensory entrainment is when a sudden sensory input, e.g. a flashing light, causes neurons in the brain to react and fire in response. When the flashing is repeated at a given frequency, the neurons adjust their natural rhythm to synchronise with that of the input. By softly influencing these rhythms, it is possible to safely guide the brain into a desired state in such a way that once the flashing is removed, the brain almost instantly returns to its normal patterns, halting any effects.

That is exactly what the Lumenate app does, using flickering lights to stimulate a feeling akin to an acid trip . See below for a key neural indicator comparison of the Lumenate Experience to meditation and classic psychedelics.


What Makes The Lumenate App Unique?

Consciousness Shifting Stroboscopic Light
Lumenate uses research-driven stroboscopic light sequences from your phone’s torch to guide your brain into a unique and powerful altered state of consciousness between that of deep meditation and classic psychedelics.

A Unique Soundtrack to Your Journey
Every Lumenate session has a unique soundtrack combining voice guiding with purpose composed music to help steer and accompany you on your subconscious voyages.

Intention Setting and Experience Integration
Designed with guidance from world-leading psychedelic researchers, the app brings together guided intention setting and experience integration exercises to maximise the impact of each exploration.

The Lumenate app is available on the Google Play and the Apple Store