The Unexpected Impact of House Music on Online Gaming

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
May 25, 2021

The Unexpected Impact of House Music on Online Gaming

We all listen to music while playing games and we love it. Many listen to house music and some listen to other genres. But, what kind of effect music has on gaming and on people while playing games? The answer is complicated. All we can add at this point is that music affects your whole brain and so much more.

House Music and Video Gaming

So, how gameplay music or additional music affects you while playing games? First of all, it affects the whole brain. Once you hear a song, all 4 lobes of your brain will become active. The sounds including music are processed in the auditory cortex and from there, things become even more appealing. The brain starts releasing dopamine which is a pleasure hormone. This makes us feel better, happier and we feel satisfied. Intense gaming music can boost all of these and also affect memories, feelings, and past experiences. The bottom line is simple. We feel the passion.

This is one of the reasons why we all love listening to music at almost any given moment. Add the fact that we like it even more when we are happy or sad and you can see why. Music can help us feel different. Yes, it can help us feel better, but it can help us feel worse as well (in a case of a breakup when we listen to a specific song that reminds us of the loved one).

Interesting Use Of House Music

You may have heard that house music is present in countless clubs all over the world. This is the most common fact. Electronic music games are another place where you can find this type of music. But, it has been used in one of the more interesting places. It has been used in casinos. Many UK casino sites and brick and mortar establishments have been using this type of music for years.
All casinos have been looking for ways to attract new gamblers. For instance, UK casinos with fast withdrawal are one of the types. These allow you to enjoy the fastest payout possible which is usually within hours. Finding the best ones can be done at and if you like gambling, this is something to check out. UK casinos also use great music which puts us back to the obvious matter.

There are a lot of casinos online and offline. Trying to be better, so offering fast withdrawal options, different payment methods and so much more is the only and the most efficient way of offering the best time to the gamblers.

Gamblers have discovered one, an additional advantage of house music that is played in casinos. It can help them focus and boost their attention. This is, however, a fact when we listen to soft and more casual house music. Too loud or too fast paced music can make our minds wander.

Underground Electronic Music Is Used For Attracting New Gamers As Well

You may believe that casinos and other establishments use only soft and gentle music to attract new users. This is partially true. Most of them do this. But, there is an opposite part of the story. Many top sites and platforms have been using underground, electronic music to attract more users and players.
Once again, we can see that some casinos do this. But, why do they do it? The answer is the same as in the previous case scenario. They want to attract new players and they want to offer them so much more. The music in question is known for causing impressive levels of thrill and even adrenaline rushes. Now imagine a case in which a player is playing poker and listening to this music. He will feel passion, thrill, and extreme, positive feelings with each move. Add the payout to the equation and you can see how happy these players are.


The bottom line is that online casinos and real world establishments have been using music and sound effects to attract new players and provide a better, overall experience to the regular ones. Many even add instant withdrawals and massive winnings to the equation, which only makes things even better. In general, music can change how we think and can help us feel better than ever before. It is a powerful and appealing thing to have.